Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One more ...

... sleep - and let the House Party begin! Tomorrow we're off for the weekend.  We?  Me, Cally, Greta, Kim, Jackie, Debs, Cathy, Jennie, Chris, Lynn, Nita, Toni, Susan, Cal and Trace. Yep, a girlie House Party weekend with a bit of crafting somewhere along the line. It's the 3rd year we've done this now but it's different every year, not least the attendees changing, although there's a hardcore of regulars. It's gone from the original 3 night weekend to a 4 night one so it's a proper break which gives time to chill properly. 

The therapists are in for a day again for those that want to partake.  I just love the hot stones and Indian head massages. Start the day with one and end with the other - *LOL* Last year I tried the Reiki but, although I got something out of it (which surprised me) I wasn't that impressed so it's back to the Indian head massage this year. The hot stones is a permanent fixture for me - *LOL*  

It's no longer mine and Jak's personal House Party as it was the first year, with invited guests.  Last year Jak couldn't make it but I decided to organise it again and, in consultation with others, invited new faces to replace those that couldn't make it from the first year.  This year I've taken a back seat and the organisation has been done by Jennie and new faces invited to join us when others have had to decline.  It's now a 'joint' House Party with everyone having input with one thing or another.  We're hoping the weather is kind so we can sit in the sun and chat, go for walks and have a BBQ on Sunday - and perhaps that bit of crafting.  If it's not it'll be chats in one, or more, of the lounges (there's 3), books being read, films being watched (possibly) and an indoor grill instead of the BBQ - and perhaps that bit of crafting - *LOL*   Can't wait now .... Bring It On!

Had the talk with Dad today about his emergency button usage.  Tried to explain that thinking he had 2 pair of trousers on, having food plates moved and anything else of a similar ilk were not emergencies and could wait for his next carer 'call'. I was shown the printout that showed the 30 calls in one day. Not quite what it seemed initially. The calls were concentrated into the late afternoon through to his bedtime but .... it seems Dad uses the button and, if nobody arrives within a minute or 2 he buzzes again, so most of those 30 calls were of him buzzing until somebody arrived. It was still a lot of calls, even allowing for that but, we have no idea why he made them as none of them were documented by whoever completed the call. Probably weren't legitimate emergency calls but without knowing what his reasons for buzzing were there's not really much I can do to address the problem. 

He seemed to feel that whatever it was - and he can't remember (they told me it was last Sunday - it was actually a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of June) - it constituted an emergency to him at the time. It's odd as some days he'll use it a couple of times, other days not at all and then the odd day he'll use it heavily. 30 times in one day was the breaking point with them. He now knows (although he has been told before) that he should only use it if he feels unwell, has a fall or needs help with a bathroom break. They now know that there's not much I can do if they don't document every call so we know exactly what his reasons are for calling them. If they can't do that how can we address the problem with him? Care Manager is now openly talking about him being better off in residential care. I guess I have to agree. He certainly doesn't meet the needs requirement for where he is now. Care Manager is looking to get him reassessed. We'll have to see if it happens and then cross any bridge it might throw up.

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