Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Storage Update - Spellbinders dies (including Nestabilities)

Remember this? Good starting point but it didn't last long *LOL* A few weeks later my collection had increased and my wallet was too small so on to version 2 - a 96 CD wallet ....

Version 2 is now no more 'cos I've moved on to Version 3 and think this is the one that works for me now, and into the future. Version 2, although not having every pocket filled, was crammed and I was growing concerned that the dies would eventually bend out of shape. When I got version 2 I also bought some 1 inch self-adhesive magnetic tape, cut it to length and stuck onto pieces of card, which added to the bulk. The tape is a stronger magnet than the magnetic paper and holds the nestie pieces a little more securely. I now use a mixture of tape and the paper (which isn't) depending on the dies.

Version 3 is still a CD wallet but it's more of a case and will hold 240 CDs. There are versions for 300 and 500 CDs but the case dimensions were the same. It's just the number of 'pages' that made the difference. In this wallet a set of nesties can take up one side of the page and the other side can be left empty and there's still plenty of room. I loved the fact it's a ring-binder so gives more movement and less crushing - and other methods of storage can be added for different makes of dies. There's a pocket in the front which is ideal for storing my tan mats (of varying sizes) and the 'sandwich' needed (in case I should forget *LOL*) I just love it ........!

Dimensions? Approximately 31cm x 30cm x 9cm. Where did I find it? Good old eBay! Cost? A bargain! Just £7.99 with free p&p. I ordered it Sunday and received it Tuesday. Excellent seller (Daisychain Supplies - 100% feedback with thousands of sales) and I think it's worth buying just for the case *LOL* .... Now, there's an idea - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!



Sue said...

Pam its like topsy it just keeps getting bigger lol

My'scardcorner said...

Good idea Pam :o) will you need another one though lol

PeeJay said...

Might do Myra - depends on if I want to add my embossing folders, Sizzlits, Bosskutz etc etc. I've got a lot of dies - lol!

trish said...

Hi Pam,
Now this seems a great idea. Is it possible to give details of the seller on ebay, I wouldn't mind trying this for myself.
Many thanks,

PeeJay said...

Link to seller now added for those interested.