Saturday, 6 September 2008

Storage - Spellbinders Nestabilities & Wizard dies

There's been a thread on the imag-e-nation forum recently asking how people stored their nestability dies. I own several Spellbinder (Wizard) dies including sets of nestabilities and I had to find some way of storing them that took up as small a space as possible whilst having them portable to carry around so, I thought I'd show my storage system for them. A search of t'internet brings up various suggestions from hooks on rails or pegboards to the usual CD cases. I found CD cases, whilst being OK and convenient indoors, still took up a fair bit of space and didn't make for easy transport. I decided to stay with the CD storage idea and purchased a cheap 'Value' 24 CD wallet from Tesco. I've managed to store all of my Wizard dies (at least those that I've opened) in this wallet and still have space for more. If I ever get round to opening my Petite sets of nestabilities I will need to buy another of these wallets - or buy a bigger one - but the space saved is amazing and I can just pick up the whole thing to carry around. That has proved very useful - LOL!!

In the front of the wallet I keep my chipboard/cardboard shims and my tan mat (I've still to cut another larger piece for the larger dies but it will still fit in the front). The dies are stored on magnetic sheets, cut to fit, so I can just slide them in and out as needed. One set of nestabilities fit in each side so you can keep the relevant shapes together. 2 of the small Wizard dies will fit in a section as do the large Wizard dies.

I wrote the stacks, needed to cut and emboss in the Cuttlebug, onto a large sticky label and stuck it on the inside back cover. Currently, in this wallet, as well as my shims and tan mat, I have the Classic scallop and plain sets of circles, ovals, rectangle and square nestabilities (8 sets), abstract and octagon geometrics, 2 spirabilities, flutterby's, buckles, fan, charms, hearts, 2 edgeabilities, car/flag and the christmas sleigh. I still have half a side and 3 double sides available.

I now have neat, tidy and organised storage that I can just pick up and go with! Easy to flick through and, easily labelled if I so choose.

I purchased the magnetic sheets from eBay. They are A4 sheets that I have cut to size. The bonus here is that they also double up to hold a die in place for embossing the middle of a card or for cutting an aperture. I chose matt magnetic paper and found that I can write on it, which has given another method of labelling.

UPDATE: Storage has moved on and this version is no more so if you want to see what I'm using now then visit here to see versions 2 & 3 *LOL*


Liz said...

Great idea Pam. I have something similar for some of my peel off stamps but might invest in this for my nestabilities. Will now have to look on E-bay for the magnetic sheets. Thanks for the info.

Helen J said...

Fab idea Pam and great detailed post. I've just invested in my first set of Nesties (and I daresay not the last!) so will have a go at this. Thanks for the helpful info.

Toni said...

I love this idea Pam i keep mine in CDcases anyway but its a fba idea to keep them in one of these think I will be emptying out one of my redundant ones that contains music LOL

Jan R said...

Mine's looking almost identical now Pam - thanks for this brilliant idea!

Jackie said...

Off to Tesco's to buy one of these, I have been racking my brains what to do with my nesties as I have them in clear plastic cases held in place with double sided tape but it bends them when I'm trying to pull them off to use them. What a great idea.


Tina said...

Great idea pam, just love looking at your blog its fab. I have left you a little something on my blog.

Donna said...

This is the best idea I have seen to store the Nestabilities. Thank you for sharing.

Joanne said...

Great minds and all that! I have exactly the same case bought from Tesco's a few months ago that I keep my Nestabilities in! And I agree with you - it works beautifully. Also like the fact that it all zips up so nothing can fall out.

Norma said...

What a fab idea Pam, guess where i am off to tomorrow.
thanks for sharing it

Norma x

Craft Fairy said...

What a fabulous idea. I've only just started to buy nesties and they are a pain to store and I keep on loosing them.


Kath said...

I was looking for storage for my spellbinder dies and found your blog. What a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing it. I have moved mine into a case now and I love it.