Monday, 25 July 2011

Admin ...

... check! Hair cut ... check! Freezer defrosted and cleaned ... check! Hubby's hair cut ... ooops!  Guess that'll be tomorrow then, after my visit to Dad and before the shopping's delivered  :0)

Managed to get some new photos of all my grandchildren, bar one, this past week.  Eldest is still not too keen but is more accepting that it's a grandmother's prerogative, especially since he's learnt he's to become a Dad himself.

Eldest, Kieran, at Pizza Hut after we'd seen Harry Potter.  20 this year ... can't believe where those years have gone.

Youngest, Zac, 3 this year, and his big sister Emma who's 10 next birthday - on Great Grandad's 90th.

Amy, sister of the above, who has hair to match her personality .... mad!  She's 6 next birthday.

Playing 'camp' with dolly and anything else available - *LOL*

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Anne-Marie said...

What a wonderful family you have, the look in that little guy's he has you right where you want to be!
Aren't we blessed to hold another generation in our arms?

Cally said...

They are all growing up so fast Pam.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your grandchildren, Zacc and Emma are so alike.
I take it Amy takes after her Nan then LOL.
Love the pic of Emma with the tongue, one to show the boyfriend in the future LOL.

Jackiep xx

Jackie said...

hehe Amy a girl after me own heart in more ways than one :) .. lovely pics Pam. xxxx