Saturday, 30 July 2011

Very uninteresting ...

... week, of sorts. Did the Dad visit on Tuesday and got OH's hair cut before the shopping arrived. Since then seem to have done a lot of nothing, although I did manage to get to spend some time in my crafty corner sometime through the week but what day it was I've no idea, except it wasn't today or yesterday - *lol*.  Had a few bad nights so things have blurred but ...... not yesterday!

Got a phone call around 2:30pm to tell me Dad had had another fall and that paramedics were on site. He'd cut his head - again - but they weren't sure whether he needed to go to hospital or not. 15 minutes later another phone call. They weren't taking him to hospital but he wanted me there. Paramedics still there when I arrived.  To save taking him to hospital (he was refusing, point blank, to go) they were trying to get hold of somebody who could come a deal with his injuries, properly, at home.  Until they'd found somebody they couldn't 'stand down'. Finally managed to contact somebody and off they went. Paramedic practitioner arrived, dealt with Dad's head then looked at his lip.  Badly cut and needed stitching.  She couldn't do that, not qualified.  After an hour of trying to find somebody who could come do it we gave up and told Dad he had no choice.  He had to go to hospital so, some 4 hours after the event, off he went and then we spent 3 hours sitting in A&E waiting for a facial specialist to stitch his lip - which took 5 stitches and all of 10 minutes!  If he'd gone in the first inst, he'd have been back in his flat in time for his tea.  As it was he had no tea and I got no dinner.  He kept a paramedic crew off the road for a couple of hours, used a paramedic practitioner's time that could have been used by somebody else and spent nearly all the time between the fall and getting the final treatment moaning about all the waiting and 'fuss'. He also stopped me being able to see youngest son whose birthday it was yesterday and I'd planned on visiting. Dad's now been told that, in future, if it's deemed that he really should go to hospital then he's going!

Think it must have all played on my mind last night as I had the worst night's sleep of the week and ended up being up for half the night. Tired today but did get to see Wayne - and the littlies. A day late but guess better late than never and at least he understands.  He's done the hospital shift with Dad before when I've not been well :0)

Now I'm planning mine and Jackie's next adventure. It could be India, it could be Egypt (Nile cruise) but - and she doesn't know this yet - I'm getting prices for Thailand and Mexico so we'll have a choice ... hopefully. We wanted warmth and culture. Reckon they've all got both in spades *big grin*

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