Friday, 22 July 2011

The afternoon session ...

... at the Summer Crafting workshop produced the following 2 cards.

Card complete, with insert and wrap all in place. 
I think this would make a lovely card for a wedding or a very special occasions and could easily be made into a gift card to hold vouchers as well.

 Close up detail of embellishment on the wrap - and another button using the button maker.

To show insert in card. The crossbar was a pocket, except I didn't seal the bottom of it (deliberately) so my insert was able to slip right through.

The following card was my favourite of the day :0)

Today, busy with that nasty 'h' word again :0( but the sun is shining and it's dry so it's not all bleh *lol*  I'm hoping to make a start on a photo book of the Indonesian holiday over the weekend. Can't somehow get the mojo together to do it but I've bought a 'deal' so it needs to be done. I've got to record the good bits of it, at least. The bad bits are still, unfortunately, having a knock-on effect. Sometimes things happen that are really difficult to understand, or believe, and it's sad.

Gonna chill this evening and rest my aching muscles - *lol*

  Thanks for dropping by .....

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Anne-Marie said...

You're right about the first elegant that would be as a wedding invite....and I love those papers, too.
Your second card looks quite intricate...very lovely!
I think there are some things that we just have to put down to experience....not always easy, I know, but it's not good for us to let things fester....cheer up, sweetie....I truly believe there are more good peeps in the world than bad! :D