Monday, 11 July 2011

Not a lot ...

... going on today.  Should have been but there wasn't!  Cleared away the loads of CDs I'd spread all over the lounge (yep, we used to take the Daily Mail - *lol*) 

then decided to sort out some more photos .... 

Sunday 26th June at the House Party weekend.
The microlight flights never happened.  We never got a phone call :0(  They were flying from early in the morning as I heard them before 8am but guess either they didn't think we were serious, the insurance etc. wouldn't allow or the person themselves had other things to do.  May be worth looking at arranging something in advance for future visits .... mmmmmmmm! Anyways, the weather was beautiful and, although I'm sure some crafting went on I can't find any evidence of it amongst the photos I took during the day :0) 

Think I'll let the photos do the talking for the rest of this one - *ROFL* 

He's still there - just a little bit less than before.  He's lost a little bit more every visit :0(

The access lane looking towards the main road - it's a long way, especially as I was about ¼ of the way down it.

 From the south, through the crop fields (cottages on right of photo)

One airstrip at bottom of the path above.  I saw no microlights :0( but I did see ...

... a plane!  I watched it taxi for some way, turn round and take off then ...

... I walked where I saw it taxi.

South-west cottage view ... from the runway.

Cottages from the west

Spent what seemed like hours trying to get a good photo of some of the many swallows and their nests - and failing miserably!

Sun worship ...

 ... and the end result - ooops!

Can you relax any more than this?

Sunday evening BBQ - excellent!

 The whole shebang, en masse!
l-r:  Lynn, Cal, Chris, Jennie, Debs, Cally, Pam (me), Toni, Greta, Kim (partially hidden), Cathy (doing her best to hide), Trace, Jackie, Nita and last, but by no means least, Susan.


A visitor - Bella, who came to meet her Mum, Toni, who had to leave us Sunday evening.

I was told I wasn't to socialise *grin*

A sunset ...

 ... and a seranade?  Debs had gone to bed *LOL*

And so our weekend came to an end and we all packed up and were on our way by 10am the following morning.  Looking forward to the next one now but I think I really should get the unmade shoebox cards I bought home, made!

  Thanks for dropping by .....


Anne-Marie said...

Almost felt as if I was there....Ha! You wouldn't have got me in one of those titchy planes, though...but a shame you didn't get a chance....maybe they took one look at you lot and flew off in the opp!
You're really good at takin' the ol' get on with those cards! :)

Cally said...

So many

Sue said...

Great pictures Pee Jay! I especially love the ones with the birds, sunset and friends interacting.