Sunday, 10 July 2011

Finally got it ...

... done.  My MP3 disc.  Haven't tried it though so it might not work.  Hope it blooming does though as it's taken me nearly 2 days to get it together, what with ripping CDs and converting others that I'd already ripped.  I've now got 1,179 tracks on one CD.  Reckon that'll keep me going for a while - *lol*  

This evening I've been trying to crop a short video clip but for some reason it ain't happening!  No idea why 'cos I've done it before but this time it's just not working.  Think I'll leave it for now and go back to it another time *grin*

Back to the House Party and Saturday 25th June .....
A bit more crafting for some ... 

... and chilling for others *grin*

Weather not brilliant but not too bad.  It didn't stop some of us having a stroll round the 'grounds' ...

... and some even went a bit further afield and found the farmhouse.  Not just the farmhouse but the hangar that the light aircraft and microlights were kept in.

Somehow they managed to get an invite for a microlight flight the next morning, for those of us that wanted to partake - subject to them checking insurance, weather and all the usual.  They'd contact us if it was a goer and there were several of us that were certainly up for it - me included! After jet-skis and parasailing in Bali a microlight flight seemed the next logical step *LOL*

The evening was our 'posh nosh' night.  Local pub but certainly not normal pub grub. We've been to this pub on the Saturday night every House Party.  It's not likely to stop as long as the House Party happens ... or until we're banned :0{  Got to say we're not the quietest of groups and they certainly know we're there.  Just as well we have a room to ourselves - *lol*
They've updated the name to The Black Horse Restaurant & Bar and it is certainly restaurant quality food.

My starter - Crayfish salad.
A fancy prawn cocktail but wonderful flavour.

Main - pot roasted blade of beef.
Superb!  The beef just melted in the mouth.

Dessert - an Assiette
In this one - créme caramel, Eton mess, bread & butter pudding and lemon (?) and ginger cheesecake.

We scrub up pretty well as well *grin*
From front left going round the circle: Cathy (from Surrey), Toni (from Tamworth - a local - lol), Me (nearly hiding and from Brighton), Greta (from Surrey), Kim (from Hampshire), Cally (from Sussex), Susan (from Co. Durham), Chris (from Spain)

Again, starting front left and going round the circle - Lynn (from Spain), Trace (from Wales), Cal (from Stoke), Debs (from Essex), Jackie (from Kent), Nita (from Spain), Jennie (from Sussex)

No, she's not dancing on the table but she did decide that it would be a good idea to stand on her chair and 'strike a pose'.  Wasn't sure why at the time but thought it wiser not to ask.  If you know Jackie you'll understand - *rofl*

I've since discovered that she was trying to demonstrate a flamingo, erm, flamenco pose .... yeah, right! Flamingo was probably nearer the mark!  As I say, if you know her you'll understand - *LOL*  
Love you J, mwah! 

Kim found a message on the way out and thought it prudent to show us *grin* Can't think why :0)

Then back to the cottages and some Fuzzy Ducking which caused a whole lot of laughter but I think it was one of those things that you had to be there for to appreciate - *ROFL*

To be continued :0)

  Thanks for dropping by .....


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Pam....I've just put 5 flippin' pounds on lookin' at that grub....droooool....!
You look a rum kind of girlies, Ha!
So glad you made it to my blog....blogger still playin' silly beggars, so can't actually "see" ya....but so glad you're there, chick!

My'scardcorner said...

Certainly looks like a fun week end Pam TFS