Saturday, 9 July 2011

Bliss ...

... my hot crystal massage this afternoon. It was a Christmas pressie - well, the voucher I paid with was - from eldest and his partner.  Only just got round to using it but it was much appreciated.  

Weather's not too good at the moment.  Sunshine and showers for the past few days and, although the showers have been few and far between, they've been quite heavy when we've had them.  Think we've been lucky again compared with most parts of the country but then I guess that depends how you look at it.  If you're a gardener or farmer perhaps they don't feel the same way :0(

I've spent the afternoon converting WMA files into MP3s. I ripped a few CDs a while ago for my MP3 player, which successfully downloaded to it and it's been listened to. My new car has a facility to play MP3 music discs as well as ordinary CDs. I'm assuming that the files for that will definitely need to be MP3, hence the conversions. In future I shall be ripping in MP3 format - *LOL* I found some really good free software that's converted them all for me though so it's been pretty easy, peasy :0) Anyways, the idea was that I could get hundreds of tooons onto a DVD and have hours of music medley, from rock to classics (I have a very broad taste in music *grin*). Now I'm gonna find some more CDs to rip :0)

House Party Weekend  ... 23rd to 27th June
Crafting, walking, reading, therapies, hairdressing, chatting, eating, loadsa laughs and chillaxing!

Thursday - arrival day.  Last arrival around 7pm and an evening spent eating, drinking and laughing! Cally and I had a different room again this time.  We've now occupied all 3 bedrooms in the Barn, working our way along in orderly succession - *lol*

The view from our room this time.  
There were swallows flying past on a regular basis as there were babies in a porch under the window.

A bit of furniture removal to 'customise' a couple of lounges - lol!

Friday - therapy day for those that wanted and .... Cal opened her hair salon for those wanting a haircut/restyle/colour.

Jackie was Cal's challenge for the day (in more ways than one * hehe*). 

Didn't she do well :0)

Some crafted in-between the other things on offer or just chilled with their books and Kindles.  

Others took instruction on making basic chain maille jewellery - like me - after I'd had my hot stones massage - bliss!  

All 3 cottages were well used this time.  Jewellery tuition in the Barn's kitchen and it's lounge became the 'quiet' area.  Two of the Barn's bedrooms became the therapy rooms (hot stones back massage in one, Indian head massage in the other *sigh*) There was a hairdressing salon in the Granary's lounge/kitchen.  The Hayloft lounge/kitchen was the IT area, reading room and general meeting place.  The Refectory maintained it's status as the craft room, cleared for the evening meal if we were eating in.  As I say, well used *grin*

Friday evening?  Takeaway of choice, chatting, drinking, laughing and just a liddle bit of singing! Not always appreciated :0(  Had a door shut on us at one point - can't think why - *ROFL*

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Anne-Marie said... lovely!
I got a pedicure from my daughter-in-law (she's a mobile beautician)this Red Velvet toes now...heehee!