Friday, 8 July 2011

Getting to ...

... know it *grin* Had to drive over to the dealer this morning and take the MOT to them - as well as all the other rubbish I found relating to servicing etc of the old car - so got to find out how the windscreen wipers worked for real - *LOL* Yep, it was raining. The wipers are odd as they work to the speed of the vehicle so, the faster I go the faster they wipe. Strange! I then sat in the car with the manual so I'm as offay with it as I'm gonna be until I really get to use it fully. At least I know what I'm looking at - sort of - and I've sussed the radio. Can't have a car with no music :0) Still got to get used to the sensitivity of the the pedals but it's getting there.

Continuing with catch-up .... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week - nothing! Just general day to day stuff and dental check up followed by a pick and shovel job. Oh yes ... and Paul took himself off to his gun club for the day on Wednesday. YES!  He's driving again. He gave it a go while I was away at the weekend so off he went around 08:30 Wednesday morning 'for a couple of hours' with me saying I'd see him teatime. Guess who was right - *lol*  Anyways, he's now out and about again and has even attempted to shoot. Needs to adjust his hand shooting position at the moment but at least he's giving it a go and he's catching up with his mates. He had another CT scan this past Monday. Won't have the results until September unless it shows up anything more than before, then they'll call him in sooner. We're hoping he's not called *wink*. 

The House Party weekend has become a regular on our crafty calendar although it's not entirely craft. We did the 'shoebox' card concept again - where we each design a card, then make up packs of the necessary materials to make the entire card, for everyone that's there. This time we ended up with 15 cards (including our own) as there were 15 of us there. Every one was so different. I didn't make many as I wanted a chilling weekend but this is the card that I copied a design of and put together as my offering. I'd had several people wanting to know how to make the flower after I made a very similar card at a Glitterpot workshop *grin* Got to say that those who made the card at the weekend made a much better job of the flower than I did.  Reckon those that took them home will probably have done the same *lol*

The next few posts are likely to be House Party weekend related - if I can sort out some pictures worth posting *hehe*

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