Thursday, 7 July 2011

Well, I didn't ...

... expect that!  Stupid it may be but I couldn't help but have a few tears as I was taking my old car to swap it for my new one. Never felt so attached to a car before and didn't think I was that attached to this one but seems I was when it came to crunch. It's only a box with a wheel in each corner at t'end of day but it's been my box for 7 years however, I think it's more than that. Mum paid for part of that car and it's the car that took her to all her hospital appointments as her health deteriorated, took her shopping, to the theatre and generally out and about.  It's the car that took me to the hospital every day when we knew she wasn't coming back home. I think it's the car that I've had most history with in one way or another, so it came to mean something to me except ... I didn't know it until today! I'm now in mourning and if I think about it I'm in tears. As I said - STUPID!

New car is lovely though. It's a dream to drive, although I need to get used to the brakes. Now I've got to learn what all the bells and whistles mean. The dashboard info is a bit space age, although the speedo isn't a problem as it couldn't be more in yer face *LOL* Tomorrow will be a 'getting to know you' day, after I've taken the MOT out to the dealers as I forgot all about that today - *ooops!*

OK, back to Saturday ... after I'd dropped the car off at the garage for the aircon check I planned to visit a bead shop that I discovered was just round the corner from the garage. Been there donkey's and it took a friend from Essex to point me in it's direction - *LOL* Problem was - car dropped of at 08:45 and shop didn't open until 10. Time to kill. Strolled through the North Laine area which I hadn't strolled through in years. My, how the shops have changed, but they are really individual and not one normal 'High Street' shop in sight.  

The bead shop, Beads Unlimited, is the shop with the Sale signs in the window, far right, in the pic below.

Stopped for a coffee in a shop that used to be a good, food discount store. Wonder how long ago that changed? 

Then I saw this in a shop window.  Superb caricature.  
Couldn't take the pic straight on as I had to negotiate a security grill to get it *grin*

... and round the corner?  More amazing work!

... and reflected in the old local newspaper building which has since been converted into city centre, luxury loft apartments but - love that architecture.

So many different types of crafts and in such a small area

Finished with a lovely hour in the bead shop. Not too happy about having to count out 500 little beads though. Reckon they need to do them by weight - *LOL

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Anne-Marie said...

Nowt stupid about that, lovey....but at least you have the consolation of your fabby new toy....oh, and next time you go off killing time...come and get me! LOL.....looks a lovely place to visit.

Cally said...

Oh Pam, It's not stupid. I can understand that. The car had a lot of memories for you but now you have a new car waiting to have new memories beginning with our road trip to Donny xxxxx

My'scardcorner said...

Car looks great Pam we had one for 3 years then our daughter took it over and never had any motoring problems apart from new tyres so fingers crossed for you .Know what you mean about the speedo but well it is handy what !!!Loved looking at your pics never been there must admit Id love to visit.You had to count 500 beads out awe ***still Im sure you;ll forget that when youre using them enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Pam I am coming to Brighton just to go to Roly`s fudge pantry, get your spare room ready and I might share the fudge with you LOL. Just had a look at their website..........mmmmm all sounds delicious!! Great photos, looks a lovely place to visit.
It is understandable to be upset about the car as it holds so many dear memories for you. Now your new car will begin a whole lot of new memories for you.

Jackiep xx