Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Continuing with ...

... day to day stuff and catch up *grin*
Spent the morning today catching up with some blog reading which I've not been doing of late. Been too absorbed with other stuff so thought it time I tidied up Google Reader - *LOL*. My, oh my. What a lot of catch up to do there! A bit at a time methinks. I also photographed the cards I made at the House Party so, once they've been checked and edited I shall post them, as I will with a few other pics of that weekend. What fun that was. Sooooo enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one :0)

Monday was spent on admin and laundry :0(  Admin was fine as it partly involved cancelling a service appointment for my car and arranging insurance to cover a new one. Yep, I'm changing my car *big grin* And that's why I shall be out near the grocery store on Thursday 'cos I've got to go collect it and the dealer's near the store.  

The aircon has decided not to work in my current car .... again! Last year it was suspected there was a leak but it was regassed and a dye put in so that if it failed badly again it could be checked. Well, it's not worked at all this year and with the hotter days it's become very uncomfie in the car. (Just wonder how we used to manage in the days before aircon in the car, but we did)  Anyway, took car back on Saturday to have it checked and yep, it's a leak.  Garage wouldn't re-gas now they know for sure there's a leak (illegal to do so) and it was gonna cost another arm and leg to have it put right so ... it was either live without again or repair. One arm and leg is enough on a 10 year old car and it had that on the braking system late last year. It's developed other little problems as well. Right hand indicator has had a mind of it's own since I came back from Bali and goes off when it feels like it. It needs a new brake adjuster. Thought it was just brakes needing manually adjusting following them being new but that would have been too easy! Rear wiper blade UNIT has broken because of metal fatique and eldest, who was going to replace it, has had probs sourcing replacement.  Must be a common prob as no breaker's yard has them (not paying for new on that one).  Anyway, Saturday afternoon I decided enough was enough and, if I was gonna have to spend a good few hundred squid or more then I may as well bite the bullet and put the money towards another car and cut my losses. Saturday afternoon I spent surfing the net to see what local dealers (or local dealers that could bring cars in from further afield) had on offer.  There was a small selection for the criteria I set but nothing hit me except one.  Higher mileage than I would have liked for the year (averaging just over 6k a year but still more than I've had on my previous cars) but other than that it ticked all the boxes and, the higher mileage wasn't so much of an issue as it was diesel .... bonus!

Car is not quite 3 years old. A little bigger, both physically and in engine size, than my current one but it's gonna be cheaper to run all ways round.  Road fund licence (or vehicle excise tax if yer like) is £120 cheaper, insurance about the same (or it will be when I shop around on renewal but was cheaper to stay where I am until then) and it should get around 60mpg on the fuel. Win, win all ways round with all the extras car has as well.  What is it?  A Citroen C4 VTR+ HDI  like this one ... and this colour - ish!

Can't wait for tomorrow to come now so I can go collect it and play *grin*

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Anne-Marie said...

Who's a jammy little b####r then?
Don't talk to me about aircon....seems hubbie's aircon needed de-buggin' 'cos we had it on, and it gave me a rotten eye infection! Just got rid of the sore eyes, and daughter's car did the same....I'm stickin' with my ickle Corsa, thank you, lol! At least I know I keep the aircon de-bugged!

Anne-Marie said...

ps...lookin' forward to those cards!

Kimbo said...

Will you be teaching it the way to the Glitterpot on Saturday - a nice little run out for you both :)