Friday, 23 September 2011

Called into ...

... Dad this morning. We were supposed to have a meeting with a Lay Assessor over the care he receives.  Independant assessors that report back to the Council with their findings as to the quality of care that is given by the various care agencies. The lady phoned me this morning to cancel the appointment as her hubby was ill and she had to be with him - he'd suffered a mini stroke last week, apparently. As Dad was expecting me ... and her ... I went anyway and glad I did. I checked with the office that he'd got enough cash available for his shopping while I was away and they told me that he'd been referred back to the Occupational Therapist as the carers were really concerned about his lack of mobility - as am I since it's got decidedly worse since his last fall. In fact, he's not attempting to move at all on his own any more and the visits he's been having from the physio haven't helped. He doesn't put the work in when nobody is there. Anyway, OT is calling on Thursday so I can't be there to know what's happening.  

I phoned the physio when I got home. I'd not been able to make the last appointment he'd had with Dad but he also hadn't reported back to me so thought, with the news I'd had, that I ought to see what was happening from his point of view. Seems he's been more involved than the carers. I got the impression it's him that's instigated the meeting with the OT. I'm thinking it will be hoists fitted in lounge and bedroom as the carers are having problems getting Dad to stand, let alone getting him to walk anywhere. There was an incident this past few days where 2 of them couldn't get him standing. I'm really thinking he's not in the right place for the level of care he obviously needs now and I'm thinking they are of the same opinion. Will have to see what the outcome is after this visit with the OT. It's a worry that's for sure.

Anyways, not much I can do at the moment, if there is at all, so no point worrying.

Here's another couple of the shoebox cards ...
Jan's kit - Sizzix flower die ... I know 'cos I've got that one and had it years :0). I think it's possibly a discontinued Sizzix die now (was originally Ellison) except ... it's available via Stampin' Up.  There are also punched blossoms of some sort with a Craftwork Cards greeting.

Kim's .... now you wouldn't think that you could mess this one up would you? Ha! Well, I can! Spot the deliberate mistake. I decided that I wanted the stripes going horizontal so that's how I put the backing paper on to the base card then thought, should have checked the size and trimmed as now I've not got even borders.  Then Kim tells me that she'd cut it to exactly the right size .... if I'd used the backing paper the way she'd intended - vertically! Ho hum - it's a design feature ... not! Got to find some way of overcoming the imbalance, which I'm sure I will eventually. Love Rudolph though and I've got all those punches, or similar enough, to make him again ... and again ... and again ..... :0)

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Anne-Marie said...

Hiya your hands full, eh?
This so reminds me of what happened with my own Dad....stick with that physio, is my advice....not that ya asked for it...ha! But he does seem to be on the ball....and believe me, not many are, unfortunately.
Wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with the card, if you hadn't mentioned it, wouldn't worry 'bout Rudolph!
Did I ever mention that one of my grandsons has Rudolph as one of his names?....poor kid....haaaa!

My'scardcorner said...

Like the rudolf card Pam cant see the other at the moment but Im sure it'll appear as soon as load this.