Saturday, 24 September 2011

Oh yes! ...

... a day that has gone to plan! Now that doesn't happen often. In fact it's extremely rare *grin*  My plan for today ... make/get/find cards for the wedding, eldest granddaughter's birthday (she's 15 while we're away) and other occasions I shall miss 'cos won't be in country and ... 'tis all done. On top of that I've got passport and insurance docs together, along with flight documents and currency. One other job had to be done and one I didn't want to do but first .... another couple of shoebox cards.

Nic's offering. Nic is Greta's daughter-in-law and, although she couldn't make the meet she still wanted to take part in the shoebox card swap and this is the one she gave. This is another I messed up from the original design but, in this instance, unless you saw the sample and read the instructions you wouldn't know *grin*  I really like this one - well, I like them all but some a little more than others and this is one of them *lol* The reindeer image is an SU stamp.

This one's my offering, or at least the sample I did. It's a Kanban Wobbler, the new Christmas ones and such an improvement although, apart from putting it together there's nothing to do. ALL pieces are now included in the kits, including the envelope. They are foiled and glittered as required and all die cut. Everybody had their choice of design as they were all different. The only problem I have with them is getting the head to wobble. No matter what I do it just doesn't happen successfully so this one had a static head and became a rocker - *LOL*

The other job I had to do? Pack up the 4 packs of FlexMarkers I took delivery of on Tuesday. They're going back from whence they came. I'm so disappointed with them. After I'd ordered them I started reading 'stuff' on forums about problems people were having with them. It seems that they need 'priming' for the colour to come through to the brush tip, particularly with the lighter colours. I went and looked at the Flexmarker site and, in the FAQs it confirms this. OK, prime when received. Only takes a few minutes and only needs doing once. Oh, if only! 

Most people seem to be having probs with 4 or 5 of these pens. I bought 4 sets, 24 pens and after approximately 8 hours of priming I've given up on them. I have 15 pens I don't find at all acceptable and only about 5 that are perfectly OK. The others I'd accept ... just, but with reservations. The problem? I managed to get colour coming through the brush tip on all of them - eventually (I should say that there is no problem with the chisel tip and this is used as the control colour) however, the colour is either completely different to the colour from the chisel tip or is anything from one to several shades lighter. Not only that but where I've spent so long scribbling in circles the brush tip has lost the fine line ability that should be possible with them. These pens have had more use trying to 'prime' them in the past few days than all of my ProMarkers put together over the last 2 years and they're just not right.

Can't comment on what they're like to colour anything with - just wish I could - but the brush tip feels lovely going round in circles for about 8 hours. Just a pity about the RSI it gives you while doing it *LOL* Anyway, they're now all packed up with a covering note and I've included a swatch to show the retailer what the heck I'm talking about. I have another swatch if Letraset deign to contact me - but I forgot to do one for my records so hoping a scan will work as they're now all packed ready to send.

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