Friday, 20 September 2013

Oh dear!

It's been practically a year since I did any sort of blogging other than trying to do something about all the spam I'd suddenly started getting.  Well it wasn't sudden but it started creeping up in volume until it got silly.  I've now stopped anonymous commenters and it's stopped the spam so guess that was the solution.  Shame if there's any genuine anonymous commenters that now can't but, as I'm not overly worried about whether any readers out there comment or not I shall apologise but leave it as is.  I do this blog for myself primarily - or did it for myself - and that won't change.  Readers are a bonus along the way but I certainly don't worry about not having many followers or commenters.  Anyway, where had I got to ... ?

I last posted anything of any worth, back in October last year.  We were in the middle of a bathroom makeover and I was in the middle of a pulmonary rehab course.  The pulmonary rehab was successful.  The bathroom makeover, as it turned out, not so much.  There is a long story which is ongoing nearly a year later and will probably continue for a while yet but that's a story for another day :)

Pulmonary rehab - 2, 2 hour sessions a week for 8 weeks.  Started beginning of October and ended last week in November.  An hour of circuit training and an hour of instruction/information etc etc relating to the condition so we gained a better understanding of how to live with it.  The condition?  COPD.  Lung disease.  Debilitating.  In my case, probably my own fault although Consultant totally denied it.  Anyway, circuit training ..... 2 minutes an exercise with 5 rotations over an hour, after warm up and before cool down.  Step, exercise bike, wall push ups, resistance bands, walking, arm curls with weights, lunges and a couple of others.  Quite exhausting when you have probs breathing doing anything the least energetic.  I was probably the healthiest there!  The others made me feel a bit of a fraud however, I know how it affects me and I want to delay it getting any worse for as long as possible.  One poor guy, on ambulatory oxygen, couldn't do it.  He had to drop out in the 3rd week.  Anyway, course finished and I needed to find something to replace it.  Finally found something in May, after deciding a Zumba class I went to watch just wouldn't hack it for me *LOL* and I've been going ever since.  Think I'm probably the youngest, bar one, that goes to this class but hey, it works for me so I'm not worried.   Wish I could afford to go more than once a week but now thinking of 'treating myself' (is that the right phrase?) to a cross trainer with seat for bike work - when I've found a place to put it :) 

It's been a busy-ish day for me today.  Not necessarily energetic but I've been busy.  Bad night.  Up for 3 hours.  Went back at 5:30am and woke with a start at 9am.  Suddenly realised it was Friday and exercise class day.  Found that hard going today and had to sit out for a while but she's happy with that as long as we keep something of our body moving .... feet are the easiest - lol!  Back home, lunch and on to try to complete a Christmas present.  

Eldest granddaughter left high school in July and had her prom.  She had some professional photos taken and wanted them in a photo book,  Student, no money!  I suggested, as there was nothing I could think of for Christmas, that I put one together.  Happy granddaughter and a pressie solved.  Book is now complete unless she tells me that there are photos she wants in and photos she doesn't and I've used them, or not!  She called to collect her laptop this afternoon (guess that's another story but long, short - new lappy, rubbish downloaded, Nana Pam cleaned it up, downloaded useful programs, uninstalled useless ones) and then Nana Taxi took her to her next destination .... maternity for her to meet her new cousin, once removed.  Not sure how this Nana Taxi business started but Mum Taxi never did :)

Back home and been collapsed since although I've photographed 'stuff' for OH who has things he wants to sell on eBay - so that's my next job then.  Free listing this weekend!

How about a photo?   Our little great-granddaughter popped in with Aunty yesterday.  She is growing into such a pretty little girl.

Our first granddaughter and our first great grandchild - together
Tulisa - 20 months old

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