Friday, 6 December 2013

Headache ...

... do one!  I've had it all day and I'm fed up.  Went to my exercise class this morning not expecting to be able to get through it.  I did but only just however, came home and felt rough.  Cough is not getting any better and, although I live with one, this one is different to my norm. I feel sort of coldified (new word) it feels different and chest is very tight.  Thought I might be going down with a chest infection so phoned doc who's prescribed antibiotics and a course of steroids.  I've collected them but going to hold off of taking them for a day or 2 as I don't want to take them if I don't have to.  I'll see how things go.  Back when I had my last spirometry in the summer I was asked if I wanted a rescue pack.  Haven't had, or needed one, before so I declined.  I'm thinking it might not be such a bad idea for the winter.  I'm getting older and this COPD isn't going to go away but I do want to do what I can to delay it progressing - which is what the exercise is all about, to be honest.  Early night I think and see how things are in the morning.  Got a busy weekend so need to feel a bit more alive - lol!

Last card I've got made from the Christmas workshop.  I lied when I said I'd made all but 2 of them.  I've 3 still to make, or at least, in process of being made.  I've done bits of all 3 but not one is finished.  Not sure when they will be either.  Anyways, here's the last of the Christmas ones ... for now.
Papermania designer paper
Lilli of the Valley image & sentiment stamps
- Wink of Stella clear brush tip on the cuffs/hem of jacket , bobble and trim of hat.

Can't go and leave this post without making comment on the loss of an amazing, inspirational man and probably the most influential person of the 20th Century.  Nelson Mandela died yesterday evening, aged 95.  So many people owe their lives, as they are today, to this man.  He opened people's eyes and made them more aware that there is more to the human race than the colour of their skin.  The man done GOOD!

Nelson Mandela
The world was a better place for having you in it and would be a whole lot better if there were more like you.

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