Thursday, 5 December 2013

Done! ...

... at least, it had better be!  Replacement ordered for the Christmas present that I ordered in October and that hasn't arrived.  I've heard from the company I had the order with.  They've accepted the cancellation (not that they had much choice, to be honest) and will be crediting me. Not sure how this credit will show yet but it's looking as though they credit my account and then I have to apply for an actual refund.  I asked for a refund from the outset but I'm sure the card company will ensure that's what I get.

I've sold more unwanted bits and yesterday there was an offer too good to refuse on a new machine.  The Xcut Xpress, which has ticked all my boxes with just one reservation, was on offer for one day only at a price I'd have been mad to let go, so I ordered it.  The good thing is that it's actually cost me nothing as I've used the money from my sales of unwanted crafty stuff to buy it.  Money previously spent so it's not draining my current bank balance - lol!  MInd you, I spent a lot more than I'm selling for and, bearing in mind it's all brand new, unused ... just old and mostly discontinued/retired ... I'm practically giving it away.

All mailings that needed mailing are either done or ready to go to the post office so I've only the present wrapping to do, relevant bags filled and I can call it finished until the day.  Got quite a busy time between now and then though so perhaps it's just as well I'm quite well organised this year.

Hubby took me to pick up a new satnav yesterday.  My old one wore itself out some while ago and it's replacement - hubby's old one - wasn't much better.  It didn't seem to like the south.  Worked fine north of Watford and did well in Wales.  Wasn't so keen on getting us out of Wales ... or out of my own area - lol!  Anyways, got a brand spanking new one care of Tesco Boost.  First one was named Boris, 2nd one never worked well enough for me to bother about naming.  Wonder what this one'll be called?

Now for another couple of cards from the Christmas workshop day (still got 2 to make - lol!) ....

Imagination snowflake mask
Hobbycraft sentiment stamp
White card
Stampin' Up Lovely as a Tree stamp
White embossing powder
Stampin' Up sentiment stamp
Acetate window

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