Monday, 27 October 2014

Nothing to ...

... post about this week. Not of any worth anyway and no pictures of worth either!  We're on the downward slope to winter with a vengeance now.  It's been wet, miserable and cold and worse ... the clocks went back this weekend just gone so it's dark VERY early - so depressing.

I've finished the kitchen at last and a professional oven cleaner is coming on Wednesday to deal with that for us.  I can't use chemicals (fumes affect my breathing badly) and hubby finds it difficult from his wheelchair because of the drop down door.  Need to get one of those 'slide and hide' doors. Perhaps the next oven we have - lol!  The only thing remotely close to crafting was designing and printing labels for the new spice and herb jars - oh, and scanning and sorting old black and white photos from the tiny collection Mum deigned to save.  Yep, for those that have followed from the beginning in 2008 - the lack of photos I found still bugs me 6½ years on! .  Normal exercise class on Tuesday and all boring household stuff - sigh.  I'll have to find some photos of previous stuff I've not posted about ..... or shall I show a few of the oldies???  Decisions, decisions.

Here's a pic of my newly organised herbs and spices - ROFL!

Here's an oldie .... Mum, Dad and me circa 1953-ish

.... and here's what I was doing Saturday evening *grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Carol said...

Glad the kitchen is nearly completed. Love that you and Greta still meet up - looks like a lovely day was had by all. Gorgeous photo of you and parents Have a good week xxx