Saturday, 8 November 2014

Thought I'd ...

... posted on Monday but seems not!  There's nothing on blog and nothing in drafts so must have dreamt it *grin*  There's been a bit going on but will post as if it were last Monday ...

The finishing touch was made to the kitchen deep clean.   We had a professional oven cleaner in and have to say, it was worth every penny!   We'd been waiting for a Groupon deal but gave up and booked a local guy.  As it happens, a Groupon deal arrived a few days later and, it was only £5 cheaper so we wouldn't have saved much by waiting.  We're loving our spice and herb drawer ... and our new cupboard internals.  There's even an outside chance I may actually start to enjoy cooking as life is so much easier now but I don't want to overdo it - ROFL!  Have some before's and after's ...

We shall be using a professional on a regular basis methinks.  No nasty fumes, not a chemical in sight, although the chrome bits were taken out to the van and put in a bath of something so that could have been chemical but no smell when they came back and oven was immediately usable.

I finished scanning the old black and white photos of Mum's and got the disc done for my brother.  He received it and said he was glad he was alone when he looked at it.  He thinks he finally released his grief and said he really misses them.  Without wanting to sound too harsh (right!) he might have thought about all that while they were still alive and visited them a bit more often, other than the obligatory couple of hours, a couple of times a year.  He didn't see Dad at all while he was in hospital, where he died after being in there for over a month.  I think the 'grief' may be more 'guilt'!  Regrets?  I think he's got more than a few and if he hasn't, he should have!

On the family research side I finally found out what my sister died of.  I never knew her.  She died, aged 6 months, before I was born. Mum always said that she had been force fed and it had killed her.  Obviously there was more to it than that.  She died from gastritus and pyelitis.  Today she would probably have lived.  Sheds more light, perhaps, on why Mum was the person she was.
Circa 1956
Moving on .... Thursday and eldest grandchild was 23.  A Halloween baby and he loved his card.  Think it might have been a touch front heavy though as he said it kept 'sinking' (a tent fold) - oops!  I posted the card on blog here - the googly eyed bats *grin*

Thursday was also the last fortnightly card workshop of the year (there's an all day Christmas one in the near future though) and Clair came up with a beauty.  This is the 2nd time that we've used this stamp and die set and I fell in love this time.  Shame I couldn't make the 'false' tails of the bow actually match with the bow but hey, have to make a c*** up somewhere on a card.  One day I might actually do one that's perfect - ROFL!
Stampin' Up Apothecary Art stamp set and Labels Collection Framelit dies. SU butterfles stamp and punch.  Prismacolor pencils for colour  and flower sprays found in a charity shop - from Clair's stash.  Not sure what the ribbon is but it works *wink*
This last week has been quite busy but will post about that when I'm supposed to ... Monday!  Always assuming that what I'm preparing is ready, of course.

October is now done, clocks have gone back, nights draw in at some stupidly early time and even earlier if it's been a dull day.  Winter is fast approaching, breakfast with Santa on Christmas Eve has been booked and it's all downhill from now.  I don't like Winter!

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