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So it wasn't ...

... ready, that is, for last Monday posting and not sure it really is for this but hey, some is so I'll go with that *grin*

On the 4th November I made another trip to London to see the poppies.  I wanted to see them as finished as possible without too many crowds on the final weekend .... right, got that wrong but guess was always going to!  Anyways, I decided to take the train to London Bridge station and walk along the river from there.  I had contemplated taking a trip to see the view from the Shard as well and, when I realised that it was right outside - well, attached to - the station I thought it an opportunity too good to miss so, up I went!  This trip I was lucky with the weather early on however, it was not so good for photographs (OK, no pleasing me) as the sun was so bright.  The photos facing north were fine, impossible facing south.  A bit of cloud cover would have been good *wink*
Note the red of the poppies

St Paul's Cathedral
London Eye, Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, Buck House.
Should warn, before going further - this is going to be photo heavy *wink* (click on them to get a better view)
Have to say the views were amazing, even if the southern ones weren't at all clear and I didn't bother trying to photograph them.

From the Shard a leisurely stroll along the river, over Tower Bridge to the Tower ... and those poppies.  
HMS Belfast
Tower of London
The Shard

Tower of London & Tower Bridge
Could really have done without the crowds.  This visit there were barricades, some of which stopped me going where I went before so couldn't get comparison photos, hoardings stopping the view from the street and marshalls controlling where you could enter and exit.  You couldn't access from just anywhere like you could when I went before (posted HERE for comparisons).  

This was actually pretty amazing!  The whole of this southern moat of  'field' of poppies were shimmering gold.  I should have video'd it but was trying to capture the effect in a still and took quite a few trying to get it.  It was only after I'd got home I thought about the video option - too late!  What was happening was that the sun was shining directly onto the poppies giving them a golden hue and the crowds were putting them into shadow.   As people moved around the shadow was moving and giving the effect of a golden shimmer.  It was mesmerising and I soooo regret not thinking about video.  OH saw the photos and made comment of 'hearts of gold'.  Very apt considering what they're there for .....

Traitor's Gate

My aim to visit inside the actual Tower went out of the window as it took all afternoon to get round to see the full extent of the poppies.  By the time I'd done that and stopped for a meal there was no time left to do a tour of the Tower justice.  I left the restaurant and it had started to rain.  It rained heavily.  Light was fading.  I wanted some evening/night photographs so I got wet and hoped for the best *LOL*

From part way across Tower Bridge

I'm glad I went again.  Just one small patch of green was left to fill.  Areas that were just 2 rows of poppies when I went before were full.  The last poppy was 'planted' at 11am on 11th November.  On 12th November volunteers started pulling them up.  By the end of next week there'll be none left. My poppy should be with me sometime in January.

Since then hubby has had his nuclear bone scan, results will be had in a week or so.  Saturday was a full day Christmas workshop held by Clair.  I spent the day prepping the 9 cards on offer.  Not one made, that is still to do, but it was a much more relaxing day than the previous all day workshops I've been to.  Think I've sussed it now ;)  Actually had time to sit back and chat, which was good.  Will do all future ones the same way, methinks *wink*   Photos will follow on that one when I've got some of the cards made.

Oh, and I damaged my car.  Got the angle wrong coming into our driveway and scraped it down the coping stone of our wall.  It's going to the body shop on Wednesday!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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