Monday, 24 November 2014

Nothing of ...

... note this week *sad*  It's not that there's nothing happening.  Just nothing much worth mentioning.

Car was collected for repair on Wednesday and returned, all done, on Friday.

Had a bit of a scare with OH as he'd started getting a lot of pain from his left elbow, the replacement joint.  Got him to get in touch with the consultant surgeon who asked for him to have an xray so off we went on Thursday for that.  Friday we were told that the results were clear and that he was likely suffering from soft tissue irritation.  Relief, or what???  Anyway, I'd been getting him to rest it as much as possible and since the xray it's actually been getting easier.  It's so scary when he has problems like this as it's his mobility at stake.  Most of us would cope with an arm out of action.  It would be difficult but not impossible. With him, it's more than difficult - it becomes impossible.   Anyway, scare over and he'll just have to make sure he doesn't overuse it for a while.

In the meantime I'm trying to reclaim the bedroom.  Part of it became a storeroom some time ago and the cupboard/dresser tops became shelves for boxes that had 'stuff' in when we were having the living room renovated.  I want a proper bedroom back!  Living room is done, kitchen is done and now I want the bedroom .... done!  I've got a new fitment for OHs wardrobe to make things easier for him but don't want to put it in until I've sorted everything else out.  It's half done ... and a few thousand dust bunnies made homeless (I kid you not!) and hoping this coming week will see it finished.  I can then get on with the rest of the house and I can sort of see a very faint glimmer of a possibility that I may actually get my craft room next year ...... Now how long ago were those cupboards put in with that in mind???

I've done no crafting, other than putting most of 2 cards together from the Christmas workshop - not completely together so nothing to show yet *oops!*  I think I will put a day aside for them otherwise they'll never get done.

No photos - unless I go back over blog to see if there's any historic 'catch ups' I could do.  I'm sure there must be seeing as I barely blogged at all last year ..... maybe too late.  We'll see, but none for this post!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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