Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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OH's health is improving beyond any hope we could have had after a terrible start to 2015 and mine has seen an improvement as well.  Back in April 2014 my besties decided to form a weightloss group.  Each chose to follow one diet plan or other but would report in once a week following their weigh in.  As every one of the group of friends was doing it I decided to join them but not with any real expectations.  I'd never dieted in my life and was convinced I'd not shift any weight.  I was just over the 30 BMI so technically obese.  I decided I wasn't spending out on joining any weight loss club and would just be more careful what I ate, both in the type of food and the quantity, and try to increase my activity level.  Increasing my activity levels hasn't been too hard ... with decluttering, reorganising and running around while OH was in the hospice I didn't really have time to sit down much.  Anyway, much to my amazement I started to lose weight and, to date, I've lost just under 3 stone.  It's slow and steady and sometimes it plateaus but I'm now back into the 'healthy' BMI range.  I'm not quite where I'd like to be but if I don't go any lower I'm happy.

This year's annual medical MOT has shown that I am no longer borderline diabetic (after 5 years of being so) and my lung function is the best it's been since I was diagnosed with COPD back in 2007.  It's still not good but any improvement is better than none.  Considering it's a progressive disease, improving that function can only be everything good as it will delay the progression for a while longer.  I feel better, healthier and fitter than I've done for a good while. I'm hoping that by mid 2016 I will have reached where I'd like to be with my weight and, hopefully see a further improvement in my overall health.  Keeping everything crossed *wink*

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