Sunday, 13 March 2016

I feel ...

... pooped!  It's been a very emotionally draining week, one way or another.  Very tired.  I've had little ones around more than I'm used to nowadays.  Loved having them though and it looks as though it's going to be ongoing, for a while at least.  Youngest is still with me, hence little kiddlies being around more.  It's going to be quite a long road for the couple, sorting out what's gone wrong and the myriad of reasons.  Space and time should see them right, one way or another.

OH had an afternoon out of the hospice today.  Nephew was 21 in the week and had a celebratory lunch at a Chinese restaurant (Dragon Rustington) near where brother and sister-in-law live.  Extremely good value for money with an 'all you can eat' lunch and a lovely afternoon has been had.  OH managed 5 hours away so a good change of scene for him.  The medics gave me the meds he needed for the afternoon.  Just wish they were more effective.  Despite what some people would have you believe people do suffer pain, no matter how much palliative care they receive.  We're told by the anti euthanasia brigade hat nobody need suffer.  Somebody should try telling OH that right now (light the touch paper and stand well clear!) 'cos nobody yet has found anything to relieve him of the pain he's in, despite 3 weeks of trying and keeping him so dosed up he can't think straight and doesn't know whether he's arthur or martha - and that is on top of the pain he's suffered constantly over the past 30 odd years but has learnt to live with.  He's told them he's had enough and he's tired.  They're not letting him home yet, even if they manage, by some miracle, to deal with the pain.  Not unless his mindset changes!  I hope they can find something that will work, eventually, and that will give him his mind back because, as he is at the moment, he'll not return to driving or his sport and we did have high hopes that he'd be getting his life back this year after all the other problems he's had to deal with over the last 5.  This problem could be the one that will finally put the nails in that particular coffin.  I hope not as he'll really feel that his life has no further meaning

On to happier things.  Several crafty card workshops have been had so far this year.  There's been 3 lead by Vickie, whose workshops I started going to last year.  They're very different to Clair's but just as good in a very different way.  These are the makings so far from these workshops .....
All Stampin Up stamps, papers, inks and papers - from the Spring and Sale-abration 2016 catalogues
Again, all stamps, papers, inks & punches are from Stampin Up
All stamps, papers, inks and the 'Celebrate' embellishment - Stampin Up.
All the cards are the Stampin Up Notelet card size.  Not large but I love the size of the cards.  I'm thinking some need to find their way into my stock pile :O

I'm hoping to find some time to do a bit more catch up from last year ... which will, partially, involve a look around the area near to where I live.  If you ignore the town city on the doorstep, which I steer clear of as much as possible, I live in a beautiful part of the world - at least, I think so.  There are probably more beautiful places but there's so many different sorts of beautiful and I've recently started looking at some of these places and trying to picture life as it would have been, way back when some of the buildings were new.  Thinking about people who may have walked these paths so many years before me.  A couple of years ago I was walking streets in an area I'd never been before but, I knew my Great-Grandfather had lived there in the late 1800s.  I was probably, literally, walking in his footsteps ....... I was walking and trying to see that area as he would have done all those years ago.  Weird ... or not???

Here's an example.  On my birthday OH and I took a 'stroll' from our home into Rottingdean - around 1½ miles.  I took this picture of OH as we were passing St Margaret's church (Saxon, early 11th century) and I realised that the house behind him was The Elms - Rudyard Kipling's home in the late 1800s/early1900s.  We were travelling paths that he and his family would have travelled over 100 years before us.  I wonder which other footprints we travelled over on that day.
Another view of The Elms, with Rottingdean pond in the foreground and the war memorial (obscured by a bush - lol!) between the pond and the house.
Getting a bit deep now ... time I went to bed *LOL!*

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