Thursday, 14 April 2016

Half way ...

... through April and where are we at?  Pleased to say that my concern about OH's fluid came to nothing.  Seems that the slight increase in the diuretic did the trick but - and it's a massive, big BUT - some of the other new meds (or possibly all of them) are not suiting him.  As they've built up in his system he's become lethargic to the point he's sleeping his life away and, when awake, he's slurring his speech, is very unco-ordinated and has no idea whether he's coming or going.  His memory is shot.  He's had a couple of falls, which is difficult to achieve when you're a wheelchair user but he can't explain how he managed to end up on the floor.  I thought he'd had a couple of mini-strokes but in checking the side-effects of the 5, new to him, meds that he's been given it seems they all share the same basic ones and some a few extra. 5 all building them up together has lead to a very poorly man, even if his pain is manageable.  He's become a zombiefied (is that a word?) old man in a very short space of time. He reminds me so much of my old Dad at the moment and he suffered dementia, albeit not officially diagnosed.  Medics have been consulted but in the meantime we're 'playing' with his drugs ourselves.  30+ years of handling many and all sorts pretty much tells us what he can handle and what he can't and he pretty much can't seem to handle anything '...epine' or ...zepam'.  They tend to give him the problems they're trying to treat but that he never had in the first place.  Today is the first day of our experiment and there's an improvement, albeit slight, already.

Other than that pretty much everything else is as was.  Time is passing and it seems I've been very busy but not sure there's much to show for it.  Fridge died and new one arrived yesterday - along with freezer as they have to match ... don't they???  Both the old ones are 20 years old this year so they've a right to go to fridge and freezer heaven I guess.  Freezer still has life in it, fridge?  Dead as a dodo!  Both will be dumped.  

The 'family' has a new member.  We've yet to meet her but eldest and DiL have had a baby *grin*  Meet Bella!

For years we've been meaning to do what we should have done when we first got married .... make a will.  30+ years later and we've finally made an appointment to deal with it.  Better late than never, eh?  We're making use of The Martlets will writing fortnight.  That way the hospice can benefit by a small sum as we get our wills in place.   At least not all the fees will go to the solicitor - ROFL!

Last week saw the 8th anniversary of Mum's passing.  That means this blog is just over 8 years old.  It was started as a way of charting my 'crafty' life but very quickly changed to help me deal with the emotions that come from losing your first parent.  Since then it became just a personal 'diary' type blog with a separate crafty one.  Then I realised that I was starting to  repeat 'stuff' relating to craftiness in both blogs so closed the crafty one and merged it back to the original ... this one.  Earlier posts look a bit weird.  As they come up randomly I'm editing them to bring them more in line with the blog of now - it's a work in progress and will probably never be complete - LOL!

Craftiness since last posting?  Pug dog mkII ....  a commission taken when somebody saw Pug dog mkI.  

Vickie's (The Craft Chick) April workshop .... all Stampin Up stamp sets, inks, dies, punches and masks - embellies from my stash.

From the Great British Craft Festival in August last year ... a chalkboard!  I've only recently finished it and gave it to youngest grandkids to play with.  Forgot to photograph it before it was used but at least it's being used.

Clair's workshop this week ... we'll have to wait.  Definitely a work in progress for me but this link will show what was in mind and the sample card.  Mine will be different but all the element cutting and matting/layering has been done.  Just need to put it all together.  Watch this space *wink*

May just do a 'catch up' from last year on next post ... we'll see.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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