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April last year ...

... 2015 and Cally and I found 'fame' :D  One of the ads in papercrafting magazine promoting the Bolton Great British Craft Festival in May 2015 used a photo of us taken at the Stoneleigh Great British Craft Festival in 2014.  Fortunately it's a photo we liked so didn't mind, even though they didn't ask if they could use us in their promo *wink*  Strangely, it was the only papercrafting mag that carried the photo but we were 'famous' for a month - ROFL!
We're very disappointed that the Stoneleigh GBCF has had a date change for this year *sad*  It's been moved from August to September/October.  30th September for the workshop day and the 1st/2nd October for the show.  It means that a couple of the group that went last year can't go this year and it's made it very awkward all round for the rest of us.  If we did go it just won't be the same with some of us missing.  Normally tickets would have been booked as soon as they went on sale.  This year we're still deciding - not least because the Premier Inn room deals aren't yet available for that time and we're not booking anything until we know we can get cheap rooms!

April 2015 was also our (that's Cally and me) very first workshop with Vickie (The Craft Chick).  A good selection of cards made and set the tone to keep us going back *grin*

I thought I'd blogged about the baby bunnies that joined the family in 2013.  Seems I didn't.  Long story short .... youngest son and his family bought a couple of young rabbits from the local garden centre pet store.  Guaranteed 2 females.  
A few weeks later they weren't acting like 2 females.  A few weeks after that 6 baby bunnies appeared!
They soon grew and were eating their way through tons of carrots and using mega amounts of bedding.  Fortunately, because the parents had been 'guaranteed' females the pet shop took responsibility and provided bedding and dry food.  They also paid for the male to be 'dealt with' - which was done very swiftly.  He was becoming quite aggressive and had to be separated although he was put in a run next to the 'family'.  He could interact to a certain extent but a barrier was there.  The pet store did offer to take the babies when they were old enough to leave Mum but son and family thought they'd like to keep them and have a bunny city in the back garden.  As the bunnies grew they started to reconsider .... I wonder why - ROFL!
Soo cute!
In the end Mum & Dad were kept and 2 of the babies, but they've had to be kept separate from the parents, so now there's a mini bunny city in the back garden.  A hutch and run for the 'children' who live happily together.  A hutch and run for Mum and a hutch and run for Dad ... all next to one another so they can 'communicate' and see each other but, apart from the 'children' there's no physical contact between them.  The parents are not very tame or social but the babies are fine although they prefer to make the approaches.
The remaining 'children' April 2015
Our little great-granddaughter was growing fast, becoming quite a little character and a regular visitor - something which could be changing soon ... or not, depending on what happens over the next few weeks.  I'm hoping not!
April 2015
Pretty much anything worth covering from April 2015 has been done now.  Eldest and DiL were still heavily into their obstacle course racing and I started acting as guinea pig for eldest granddaughter who was in her final year of beauty therapy at college.  I bit the bullet and allowed her - and her fellow students - to use me for electrolysis as long as I got some of the 'nice' stuff as well ... facials and massages *grin*.  I became a regular at the college.

Hubby began his 3 month stint in the hospice - the stint that nobody thought he was coming home from.  His body filled with fluid and nobody had any clue as to why.  His whole body was affected eventually and he put on over 5 stone in weight.  He was very poorly for a long time and then there was a 'eureka' moment and the fluid started to disappear.  He's still being treated for it now - to keep it at bay - but he's lost the weight he put on because of it and went on to lose even more (what I call his 'fat' weight) although during the last couple of months he's been back in there he's put some of that weight back on.  We know we can work on it though so it's not a major concern.

That's all ... for now!

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Julia Nyanyo said...

I love your rabbit saga! It seems the pet shops do this quite often, over 40 years ago my brother and I had a rabbit each (definitely both girls allegedly) and his had babies a few weeks later! I remember my mum being MOST unimpressed and we had a rabbit city for a while till they were all found homes.