Friday, 1 April 2016

We've marched ...

... into April (see what I did there???) but before March is finished with - the happenings of the past few days.

My visit to the jeweller on Tuesday was successful - YAY!  I collected my 2nd commission.  I've now got one ring that has Mum and my 2 Nan's melded together.  A Russian wedding ring made by melting down all 3 of their wedding bands and then linking the resulting 3 new ones, each being totally different from one another and one incorporating the stones from Mum's engagement ring.  I love it.
How they started
The new ring from the old
The inspiration.  The 2nd one is 4 rings linked and they're all different shapes and sizes.  Jeweller didn't recommend as unlikely to work and sit well. - and it was one ring too many for what I wanted
The jeweller's CAD
Going back to my new wedding set made from my old wedding ring, engagement ring etc (a few posts ago now).  I grabbed the scrappy bit of paper I'd left with the jeweller to show them what sort of thing I was aiming for.   they got it right - even to their CAD drawing made from my scrap - *LOL!*
Tuesday finished with a beautiful sunset
Thursday was a Clair workshop day.  Loved the card we did.  Used Martha Stewart Frame Border punch for the large white matt and an Apple Blossom die for the round heart matt.  The numbers, flowers and banner stamp and dies were all from an SU Sale-a-bration set.

Not only did we make the card but we also made a boxelope for it as well, using an envelope punch board.  My board is a WRMK original one, others used the SU 'copy' *wink*  (no doubt made by WRMK for SU)
Thursday also saw OH come home from the hospice.  I should be pleased.  I'm not!  The fluid is there and it's getting worse.  They've increased his diuretic and feel it's manageable at home so he's come home with fluid that's increasing (at the moment) swollen feet and ankles, shaky hands and a wheeze I hadn't noticed before he got home.  All I can remember is how ill he was last year because of oedema.  Even the discharge co-ordinator admitted, yesterday, that they thought he was dying last year and were more than surprised when he recovered and left.  Very much thanks to their care, I have to say, but why risk it again by sending him home with a situation that it getting worse, by the seem of things, rather than being sure it's improving?  Anyway, home he is - although they're very aware of how I feel having spoken to 2 doctors and the co-ordinator since Tuesday - and we can only hope things improve on the oedema front.  At least he's coping with the new pain level now, which he wasn't a couple of months ago.

March is done ... and ¼ of the year.  On to April and, hopefully, a beautiful spring and improvements all round!

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