Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March is on ...

... the wane.  ¼ of the year gone already.  Scary!  

Last year - March - just a few photos ....
Eldest granddaughter and boyfriend ... and they're still together a year later.
Eldest granddaughter as a model for the local college hair show.  She took part as a 'contestant' in her last year at school.  This year, as a student, she helped out another.
Brother - looking so much like my Dad it's frightening.  All to do with the angle of the dangle *grin*
A few taken recently - March 2016 ... nothing crafty!
Me, OH, Bro & SiL
Me, OH, nephews and niece.  Nephew's (in green) 21st - our most recent star in the family.
Eldest and youngest .... Easter Saturday - and yes, that is a height difference
A rare event although one is missing but, having the grandkids (including the great) all together in one place cannot be a missed opportunity.  Eldest granddaughter was working.  Sad for me, good for her.
Oh yes, one other crafty thing happened in March .... I did something I've never done before.  I won some blog candy *happy dance*.  A lovely large bag of crafty goodies arrived all the way from Northern Ireland from Lee/Crafty Loops ...

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Clair Matthews said...

Great family photos!.. Congrats on winning the blog candy xxx