Monday, 16 May 2016

The Wheel ...

... is no more *sad*  I went past it on Sunday and all that was left was the base A frame.

Hubby is still in hospital with no clue as to when he's coming out ... to wherever.  Not sure if the radiotherapy had any effect and it's too soon to say if it's reduced the cancer in his spine.  Few weeks needed, apparently.

I'm packed and ready for the off - a whole 10 days in Florida.  Never been to the US so it will be an experience.  Looking forward to the crafty workshop that's been arranged at the My Favorite Things store in Eustis  *happy face* ... and the Magic Kingdom, the Character BBQ and whichever other park we end up at.  Camera batteries are charged, tablet is charged, phone will be charged ... just me to charge and we're away - ROFL!

Youngest son will be looking after himself and the house ... and possibly his Dad, if he comes home.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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