Thursday, 30 June 2016

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... Florida.

Day 4 - 4 of us took the morning off to relax and use the pool.  The other 4 went off to a nature reserve for some canoeing.  Unfortunately, as it transpired, that ended up changing the itinerary as the reserve was at capacity and closed so they went to Winter Park instead (which had actually been planned for all of us later in the week) ... followed by shopping.  Shopping was involved for some most every day - lol!  

The evening was spent together at Manny's Chop House .... beautiful steaks but too big for me so I had a 'box' to take away.

Day 5 - Change of plan today.  We'd planned today as the visit to the Magic Kingdom but it was decided that we'd go to Violette's Scrapbooking and Stamp store at Lakeside instead - just in case it was thought a return visit was in order.  Lovely shop for a scrapbooker.  Not so much for card makers although I found a couple of stamp & die sets and a couple of single stamps I liked.  Mostly papers and emphemera which wasn't of much interest to me.  My exploring, picture taking and shopping was done in a little under an hour, I found a little place for a coffee and then sat outside Violettes, watching the world go, while the others did their shopping.  

... Evening and we went to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney).  We nearly made it on to the balloon ride (can't really call it 'hot air' 'cos there wasn't any - lol!) but it was cancelled as we waited.  We'd paid and were next on but the wind became too strong to 'fly' so they refunded.  We ate at Paradiso 37 and then split up for a while for exploring and ... shopping!  I actually did go into one shop, the Disney Store .... and bought something *shock* ... lots of keyrings ... as little gifts to take back home *wink*  It was the only shop I went into.

Day 6 - Initially, when itinerary was drawn up, we were all going to the Magic Kingdom.  In reality, as the week moved on, several decided, for one reason or another, that they didn't want to go so it ended up just 3 of us going.   2 of us had never been before and the 3rd had, but many years ago.  We had a lovely day.  Very long and very tiring but we enjoyed it.  Everyone else went shopping for the day ... back to MFT and more outlet malls.

Just over half way through and still plenty of time for more shopping sightseeing. ROFL!!!!

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