Friday, 1 July 2016

Yesterday we ...

... had an appointment with a solicitor.  After years of talking about it but never getting round to it, we've finally sorted out our wills.  All signed and witnessed now, although we don't have them yet.  Hubby had to make a big effort to make the appointment but he's been worrying about them for a while now so best done and out of the way and he's no longer worried.

I've spent a good few hours uploading Florida photos to Photobox ready to start my holiday photo book.  I've still a couple of days to upload before I can start but most are now there.

Day 7 - Not initially on the itinerary but the highlight of the holiday for me ... and airboat ride! 

We followed that with a meal at a seafood restaurant that was recommended by the staff and then a visit to .... Michaels and a Dollar Tree.  Some of us went back to the villa after that - others went off to Walmart ...

Day 8 - A mixed day as it was a day I had to make a decision on where to go ... Clearwater or Winter Park.  I wanted to do both but only one was possible.  I'd misunderstood a change to the itinerary earlier in the week as I thought the airboat trip was in place of Clearwater.  Those that had gone to Winter Park earlier had indicated they'd be happy to return but they chose Clearwater.  I went with Winter Park so 2 of us took ourselves off just after the others left for their long drive.  We thought we'd move on to somewhere else after Winter Park but, in the event, we did the boat trip (how the other half live), had lunch and decided we'd rather make use of our pool - and follow it with fish and chips at a chippy we'd found at a local shopping area.

Fish, chips, minted mushy peas and tartare sauce.  Delish and very well cooked.

Just 2 days left before the return home ... would we all go to Epcot, as planned?

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