Saturday, 2 July 2016

Had a good ...

... day today.  A new craft show was being held at Sussex Uni Sports Hall, just down the road from me.  Not well advertised, unfortunately, and not many stall holders.  It was small but there was a good variety.  Still managed to spend a good amount.  Unfortunately for the stall holders it wasn't very busy but it's good for us buyers/browsers as you get to see things properly without fighting crowds.  I hope it becomes a regular on the craft show calendar but I have my doubts unless it gets a lot of footfall tomorrow.  It would be a shame but they are businesses and, if they lose money you can't blame them if they're not interested in any future shows.

Yesterday I was treated to dinner out by eldest and daughter-in-law.  It was a lovely evening and just what I needed at the moment.  I few glasses of vino, a good meal and a laugh.  Just what the doctor ordered ... although I'm not sure on the results of an attempted photo. We sort of got there in the end but not the most flattering photo in the world - ROFL!

FLORIDA - and the last couple of days.  

Day 9 - Epcot on the penultimate day else we'd not have got there.  As with Magic Kingdom, some decided they didn't want to go after all so they went off to shopping malls for the day (no great surprise there - LOL!) and 4 of us went to Epcot.  Personally I preferred Epcot to Magic Kingdom and I'd like to go back, perhaps taking it in over a few days so that it could be done in more detail.  There was a flower festival on ... lots of topiary and floral displays.  Very clever and very pretty. 

Day 10 - Departure day.  Evening flight so most of the day to kill.  We had to be out of the villa by 10am so we dropped our cases and checked in at Disney Springs.  We decided to try and do the balloon flight - well some did but a couple passed.  This time we managed it.  I guess earlier in the day is better than early evening.  

 After the flight we split up to meet later ready to make our way to the airport.  A couple of us decided to see a movie.  It was very hot and we didn't want to go shopping. My trip to Florida finished with Jungle Book then it was off to the airport and home.

Our last meal together, in the departure lounge of Orlando International Airport

Arrived home around 11am the following day - jet lagged!  Wish I could sleep on planes ....

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