Saturday, 9 July 2016

The hubby ...

... came home yesterday *grin*  Hopefully he'll be here longer this time.  Hopefully he'll not be going back at all!  He's much brighter, although very tired but that's to be expected.  Now it's move on with life and, if things continue to go well we may just get away for a short break sometime towards the end of the summer.

Last Saturday youngest came home and told me there was a very large moth at the front door.  He dislikes moths big time but I remembered that a couple of years or so ago I found a very large caterpillar at the front door.  Hoping that very large moth may be a result of a very large caterpillar I grabbed my camera and - lo and behold - very large moth was indeed a result of a very large caterpillar.  Never seen one before and unlikely to see one again but I've now seen the before and after ...... a privet hawk moth.
My finger in pic, on ground next to it.
£2 coin - yep, it was a big moth *lol*
Paviers are 9.5 x 19cm to put another perspective on the size of this moth
We think that it was a new 'hatching'.  It kept shaking it's wings and, initially, we thought it may be dying but after moving it to the shingle it wasn't there long before it disappeared.  We now think that the wing shaking was them being dried out ready for flight.  Also, it never opened it's wings fully whilst I was with it.  There are white stripes at the bottom of the wings near the body and they're not really obvious in any of the photos although you can see where the stripes are in places.  Beautiful piece of nature.  Privileged to have witnessed it, as was youngest despite his dislike of moths -*lol!*  Can't say as I'm keen but outside, it being so big and pretty docile I could cope *wink*

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