Sunday, 7 August 2016

So a week ...

... has passed.  I'm loving the new oven.  Was going to say 'we' but as the hubs has yet to use it for anything at all I'll stick with I *LOL*  The old oven wasn't stolen overnight so youngest took it to the tip for us - job done!  New tumble drier?  No clue.  Not used it yet but managed to defrost the table top freezer and it found it's place back at the top of the stack.

The hubs had a consult with oncology and they're pleased with the way things are going on the new meds so, apart from his monthly meet up with the chemo nurse to collect his meds for the month he doesn't need to be seen next month.  Good news.  This week, on leaving the Cancer Centre we were driving home and decided, nice day, let's go 'somewhere' and, as we were going in the direction for it we decided to go for a drive to Beachy Head and have a snack out for lunch.  That snack turned into a full meal as the menu looked so good.  Weather was good but it was very windy so not really suitable for sitting out in on the top of a cliff.  Not only that but it's not really wheelchair accessible but I did get to go and look at a sight I'd never seen before, despite living within easy distance. 
Lunch time view
Made a change from diet Coke *LOL*
No idea!
Belle Tout slightly left of centre.
The sight I've never seen in real life ... Beachy Head lighthouse.  Have to say, it would be easy to go over the edge at this point *scary*
That was Friday.  The day before was workshop day with Clair.  I've still to photograph the end results.  Yep, a plural this week instead of singular.  Actually liked them although wasn't sure to start with but how often does that happen???

Wednesday we had a rare treat.  We went to the movies.  Can't remember when we last did that together except there's been just one instance between now and when Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was showing, all those years ago *ROFL!*  This time we saw Jason Bourne.  We're intending to go and see Star Trek this coming week and have a meal - either after or before - depending .....  It's all thanks to this little fella and my motor insurance *grin*
Not sure what's coming up for the week ahead except a visit to the Chemo Nurse followed by the visit to the movies.  Guess I could make a start on doing some more decluttering which seems to have stalled over the past few months.

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