Saturday, 30 July 2016

Now there's ...

... a novelty!  I've managed to cook something in one hit this afternoon *grin*  Yep, new oven is installed and working well. All singing, all dancing, needs a pilots licence to operate ... a NEFF like they use on The Great British Bakeoff - with the slidey in door.  We decided to go mad and pay the most we've ever paid for an oven but it's worth every penny for the safety issue of not have to lean over an open door (it's a fitted oven) and the hubs will find it so much easier when he decides he's going to put on his chef's apron again .... which can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!  Hubby's wheelchair came in handy to transport the oven from the shed back up to the house - I have no trolley *LOL*  On top of having the oven installed we've got our 2 new power points sorted and the new tumble drier, which also needs a pilots licence to operate, is in situ and working *YAY!*
Thank you Clair and hubby Alan, for getting us sorted out *wink*

Jobs tomorrow - get youngest to take old oven over to the tip (if we've not been lucky enough to have somebody help themselves to it overnight as it's outside the front door) and defrost the table top freezer before I get him to stack it back on top of the tumble drier.  He knows about the first job but not the second - *oops!*

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