Monday, 31 October 2016

October ...

... 31st and it's hot out there - I mean, HOT!  Phone app told me it was 17c - it lied.  
Then it said it was 18c.  It still lied.  Car tells me it's 19c ... in the shade and that's nearer the truth *shock*.  
(Just realised I've not changed the car clock following daylight saving change at the weekend - oops!  That's actually 13:02)
Put a thermometer on one of our garden chairs on the patio and .....15 minutes later it read 28c  That I believe - ROFL!  
Beautiful day.  Better than some we had through the summer.  Could our seasons be changing gradually?  Leaves are brown and dropping and we've some beautiful autumnal colours but temperatures like this, this late in the year???  It's November tomorrow, for heavens sake!
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