Sunday, 9 October 2016

Time has ...

... flown this past month - or would that be because I was otherwise engaged?  Photo book is done, was ordered and has been received and yep ... I found a mistake and a couple of pages that could have been better had a bit more thought been taken over them.  Doesn't seem to matter how long I take going through them before ordering I always seem to miss something so I'm still waiting for that 'perfect' one - ROFL!  I love it though and it will bring back memories (some good, some not so good) when I'm in my dotage and living in the past *grin*

While compiling the book the OH and I had another day of being a tourist in our own town.   We took a stroll along the front and on the pier.  Haven't been on the Palace Pier for as long as I can remember. Not sure I've ever been on it with my kids and they're both in their 40s now.  Guess I must have taken them on it at some point but, for the life of me, I can't remember.  Anyways, a stroll on the pier and a fish & chip dinner, which we were lucky to get as they closed to everyone else just 15 minutes after they let us in.  A few piccies?
Such a shame.  Hopefully repair and renovation won't be left until it's too late!
Rampion Wind Farm in progress.  A possible blot on the landscape?
Large pic - click on to enlarge.
Brighton seafront to the left of the Palace Pier (if on the pier).  The old and new - West Pier ruins (150 years old a couple of days ago) and the Eye Sore .... i360 stick with pod on the ground, where it seems to spend most of it's time - or stuck part way up the pole!

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