Thursday, 1 December 2016

Still no time ...

... to blog properly *sad*  So much has been going on this past month and I seem to be chasing my tail.  Since I last blogged I've done lots of crafty things but still have projects to finish, let alone photograph.  Then there's also real life getting in the way.  I will be trying to catch up soon but have to now get Christmas sorted out before it's here and nothing has been done.  In the meantime, one of the crafty things was an all day workshop with Clair's group on the 24th.  What was different about this one was that it was hosted by John Bloodworth - Gentleman Crafter as part of his All Counties Craft Challenge.  I'm cheating but John blogged about it a few days ago and his post is here.  In addition Clair has vlogged about it and her vlog is here, below.  I'm so glad I suggested she contact John and that she did.  It rounded off my crafting workshop year brilliantly but there were a few more to cover from the week before ..... and a whole weekend in Godalming doing crazy crafty stuff *grin*
The photo below is not the best pic of me *cringe*  We'd been outside to have a group photo taken with Maisy and it was not only f-f-freeezing cold it was also blowing a hoolie.  Should've made sure I'd brushed my hair when we got back inside and pulling a silly face hasn't helped *ooops!*  Oh no, that's a normal face *ROFL!*
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