Sunday, 12 February 2017

2nd workshop ...

 ... done and dusted.  Finally got round to photographing the first one's makings along with the second.  Workshops have a new format.  We're now making 2 cards per workshop.  One is designed by Clair and the other by her daughter, Sharni.  The workshop is now split in 2 and each lead the half with their card design.  We're also told where we're sitting each time so we don't choose for ourselves.  We get to sit with different workshop members each time which is fine.  Only problem Cally & I have is that we don't get our 'catch up' time if we're not near each other.  We have the trip there and back in the car - and that's not long *sad*  Spend more time with others than we get with each other now - *ROFL*  Still, we've a play day at Greta's this week.  An 'au revoir' meet up before Kim departs for pastures new.  She's off to live near Prague.  We don't want her to go *sad*  We'll see her again in June for our annual Crafter's House Party though *woo hoo*

In the meantime, workshop cards .....
Those made in January - 
Clair's design - MFT stencil andstamps, Mama Elephant dies
Sharni's design - MFT dies & stamps
This weeks workshop cards ...
I've adapted Clair's design slightly.  She had hers mounted straight, I've got it on a jaunty angle.  Clair had coloured the background buds and leaves.  I decided to leave the as black and white line images, however I've mounted the image in such a way that I can colour it if I change my mind.  I also added some crystal for a bit of 'bling'
Clair's design - Stampin' Up & MFT stamps, Sue Wilson dies
My version of Sharni's design looks as though it's got some mauve sequins on.  It hasn't but they are iridescent so take on lots of different colours in different lights.
Sharni's design - Stampin' Up stamps, Sizzix embossing folder.
Last week I finally managed to blag some photos taken at our workshop craft day in November with John Bloodworth.  Clair had arranged for a local guy to come and take photos for a local website.  That guy is my window cleaner *ROFL*.  I've asked him a couple times for some copies, particularly one of the group with Maisy.  He sent me that one and a few more last week.  I checked with him for permission to share them with the workshop group and he kindly agreed I could, so I did, except for one *wink*  I'm sure he won't mind me sharing a couple here.

The Motley Crew
Really think I should have combed my hair after we'd been outside but it didn't see a comb all day *shock!*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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