Friday, 17 February 2017

Feeling ...

... accomplished!  I've been busy clearing our loft.  It was full to capacity and now it's practically empty.  Everything's gone to charity and I'm still in a decluttering frenzy.  I've finally made it into the room that should have become my craft room ??? years ago.  Lost count of how many years ago it stopped being a bedroom and units were installed for me to use.  Have they ever?  Nope!  It's been used as an extension to the loft.  It is now being cleared and sorted.  I'm aiming to have a working craft room this year - in fact, determined!  There is not just the junk to sort but what craft stuff has made it's way into the room.  I'm sure most will need to be found new homes but the charity benefitting from this hive of activity is the Martlets hospice that have been helping to keep the OH going for the past couple of years.  He's certainly had a lot of help from them, as have I.  Seems only right to put something back in any way we can.

Keeping track of nephew, inbetween time.  He's on his world cruise, about a third of the way through at the moment.  He's been to some amazing places and is currently at sea on his way to Perth, Australia.  Itinerary is here.  The places he's been already? 
Port Said
Suez Canal
Colombo - Sri Lanka
Bali ...
Am I jealous?  You betchya!  Well, jealous is probably a bit strong as it's not an emotion I generally suffer from but envious, certainly.

It's the OH's birthday next week.  I had a playday at Greta's yesterday with Cally, Debs and Kim.  I actually made his birthday card .... *shock!*  Made from the freebies in this month's Making Cards mag and some feathers from Greta's stash.  First time I've ever made something with a mag freebie.  Just loved the paper pack and stamp set that came with it - and the 3 issues for £3 offer that was within *happy*
 We have a busy birthday week for him ... hospice, oncologist and, hopefully, the cancer centre for the next month's supply of meds.  That depends on what happens with the oncologist!

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