Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I'm not doing ...

... very well blogging lately.  Eleven days since the last one.  Not good.  What's happened in that 11 days?  More decluttering.  Loft is finished with for the time being.  There's still a little bit in there but it is only a little bit so I'm not worrying about that now.  I've descended on the junk room/loft extension/intended craft room.  I can now actually walk through from front to back without having to go mountaineering.  That's a huge amount of progress but .... the landing is now full up again.  I take stuff out of the room and deal with it on the landing.  I have piles.  I have a pile for giving away.  I have a pile to attempt selling and I have a pile to keep.  So far the 'keep' pile is way smaller than the other 2 but that's fine.  It's what I was hoping for.

From the depths of the loft came some bits and pieces the OH kept of his Mum's when she passed away.  They've been in the loft ever since.  She passed away in March 1999!  He kept what he thought had some value.  I disagreed that it had value but we went through it.  Some he decided could go straight to the charity shop and it went.  Some he wanted to find out for sure.  There was one ring we knew was of value.  The rest ... well!  On Friday I took it all to an auction house.  Some of it came home and is now in a box for the charity shop.  Some of it stayed and will be auctioned.  All, apart from the ring, will be auctioned next Monday in the weekly general sale.  Most are going in as mixed lots ... 2 Steiff animals and a cloth doll as one, for example.  A selection of silver jewellery as another and some costume jewellery another. The ring is being auctioned in the Spring Fine Sale, mid March.  It's big, it's ugly but most people seem to like it.  I don't!
The OH had his appointment with the oncologist last week.  Things are staying as is with his medication for the time being.  Mainly because A) his PSA, although gradually climbing, is still lower than it was before he started the treatment and B) he'd not had the report on the CT scan the OH had on 8th February.  Oncologist wasn't happy about that and neither were we really.  It would show the state of the cancer.  If it's spread significantly then the treatment may need to be looked at again.  Without that report he's working blind.  When he gets the report he'll call us in if he deems it necessary.  If he doesn't he's seeing the OH in May and the current treatment will continue, at least until then.  He's now on the 10th cycle.  Apparently the average 6.  He's doing OK on it at the moment *grin*

We've had a couple of good Saturday evenings.  First one saw my brother & sister-in-law visit (it's their son on the world cruise).  Chinese takeaway and a laugh. especially in trying to get a selfie of the 4 of us *LOL*  Then it was pretty much repeated this past Saturday when the family descended (with the exception of one granddaughter, sadly, although a 'step' joined us) - and all because the OH had reached the grand old age of 77!  Neither selfie photos are much good but a few glasses of the grape, a selfie stick and a lot of laughter isn't conducive to clear sharp photos *shock*  Still a good time was had both evenings, by all involved.
Thursday was Clair's workshop day.  Male cards this week - as requested by a few of us.  Men's cards always seem to be a problem for a lot of people.  Personally I've never really had that much of a problem but it's good to have a change from the flowers or cutsie ones.  I'm not necessarily a flowery or cutsie person so perhaps that's why I don't find men's cards too much of a problem.  My craft shopping leans towards Christmas (which I don't like - so why???) and male, or things that can be utilised for male, cards.  Anyhoo - I took a couple of new embossing folders with me.  One's I'd bought with a view to using with the technique we were using - a revisited one with a twist on one of the cards.
Clair's card
Sharni's card
Both cards used plumbers self adhesive aluminium tape.  Clair's card also used plasterboard scrim and and punched shapes. The Happy Birthday die is MFT.  Sharni's card used an embossing folder.  I used one of the ones I took - an Xcut one called basket weave but I thought it looked ideal to use with this technique. The stamp set is an SU one.  I'm enjoying the new format to the workshops. The smaller groups and 2 cards.  We're actually filling the whole time working now instead of spending half of it chatting and not working *wink*   Just wish that Cally & I got to sit together sometimes.  I'm spending more time with other people than I do with Cally now - lol!

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