Tuesday, 14 March 2017

So what's happened ...

... during the last 2 weeks?  Apart from that monstrosity of a ring, the bits that went to auction sold.  Most went for lowest estimate but a couple went over the highest.  Not by much.  The biggest surprise was 4 silver pieces.  A bracelet, pendant, brooch and bangle.  They sold for more than expected.  Big ring goes to auction next week.  Seems it's rated.  They've used it in their promo material and it's featured on the relevant page of the catalogue.  Keeping fingers crossed for the OH that it fetches more than the estimate. We'll see.

It seems to have been a bit of a crazy fortnight. We've had visits to the hospice, a new car for the OH, an old bed base collected for dumping and a new one delivered ..... with a story!  Inbetween there's been more crafty 'stuff' listed for sale (check that out via the tab at the top), a visit to the movies, a Clair & Sharni workshop and a crafting retreat booked.  

New car .... a Volvo XC60.  Shorter but bodywise, slightly wider, than the XC70 but .... inside it seems smaller all round.  Think there must be more 'impact zone' protection.  Boot space, not so much either.  Takes the wheelchair sideways on.  Not much room left once wheelchair is in there.  Was plenty left with the XC70.  OH likes the new car though and he's the one driving it.  Reckon it'll be a good while before I'm allowed to *ROFL!*  I had no input into this car.  He chose everything, including the colour.  Probably why it looks like a funeral car ......
New bed base .... arrived as expected and early, Friday morning.  Friday afternoon I went and opened both boxes (flat pack, needing to be put together).  Checked everything there.  Fine.  Had youngest on standby to help put together but he was in Gran Canaria for the weekend so decided to see how far I could get putting it together on my own ..... ottoman bedframe, double size, 66 year old female .... what could go wrong, eh?  On the face of it, nothing.  
Managed to get very heavy boxes moved, opened, contents checked etc. Started to put together. Going well.  Need to fix sides to head and foot boards.  Small room, can't move bed around when together so put headboard in situ and work from there.  Problem!  Headboard won't fit in space for bed which means ... bed too big.  Not all doubles are the same width, it seems, and guess who hadn't measured the space before ordering bed???  Just an inch too wide but too much to even force the situation.  
Saturday, spent afternoon trying different configs in room (really need the storage the bed provides - as last one did but this has more) but either wardrobe doors blocked or bedroom door wouldn't close.  Choices - same style but small double with a possibility of having to dump brand new mattress for a smaller one of forget the storage (not really an option) and have a 'normal' double base that fits the space available.  Decision made, retailer contacted and they're doing a straight swap - same bed, smaller size.  Got to wait until next Tuesday but not a problem.  Wrong bed all reboxed and ready for collection.  Hoping I can make the new mattress work on the smaller bed *grin*  Waiting for round 2 now *LOL!*

Workshop - a couple of different cards.  I don't think I'll have a use for them but enjoyed doing them, none-the-less. Something a little different to normal. I didn't read what we needed to take.  I just looked at the pictures.  With everything else going on it never entered my head to read or even look too closely so I never took any colouring equipment with me.  Fortunately Cally did.  She brought her Sharpies along so these were coloured with Cally's Sharpies.  Have to say I was a tad pleased with the result *LOL!*

Sharni's card ..... all Lawn Fawn, stamps and dies

Clair's card ..... a little bit of 'sewing' *lol!* Again, all Lawn Fawn stamps.  The circular die is Little B Pierced Circles and the 'square' die Lifestyle Crafts Rounded Corner Squares

I've booked myself into a crafting retreat in May.... in Aberdeen!  I've never been to Scotland.  I'm flying up.  Hope to have a couple of days sightseeing as it's the area one of my 'greats' came from.  I believe she was in service at Balmoral at some point.  Would be good if I could get there.  3x great-grandmother (2x great-grandfather's mother) is buried in Strachan cemetary.  1x Great-grandmother was born in Banchory. Can't find much detail about those that came inbetween.

Nephew had his 22nd birthday in New Zealand and, I guess, you could say he's on his way home.  About 2/3rds of the way through his world cruise now and in a few days will be repeating a day as he crosses the International Date Line.  He's currently on his way to Fiji!  It's alright for some *LOL!*
He's now completed .....
Malta - Athens - Heraklion - Port Said - Suez Canal - Suez - Aqaba - Salalah - Muscat - Dubai - Mumbai - Cochin - Colombo (Sri Lanka) - Penang - Singapore - Semerang - Bali ....
Perth - Melbourne - Adelaide -  Kangaroo Island - Sydney - Milford Sound - Doubtful Sound - Dusky Sound - Dunedin - Akaroa - Wellington - Tauranga - Auckland ....
Spring is in the air.  Weather has been beautiful recently.  Long may it continue * grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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