Saturday, 8 March 2008

Hating this!

I shouldn't be here at home! I should be esconced in my class at the Glitterpot - well, on lunch break now and doing a bit of shopping - lol! I've been clock-watching all morning and timing the class through. Sad, I know, but I've never had to cancel any craft class before and it's a new experience for me and ....... I'm hating it! I'm just hoping, when Caz posts the cards made on her blog that I won't like them - yeah, right!

I've just noticed that I've had some visits to my blog. Totally unexpected as I haven't published it and I haven't told anyone about it either ..... not yet anyway. I've been keeping it as my own daily-ish ramblings at the moment but it's a bit of a bonus that somebody has found it. One day I may be brave enough to make it properly 'public' but not sure when that'll be - LOL!!

Here's a photo of the last card I made at one of Jane Gill's classes at the Craft Barn before it closed. Loved this card and I love Jane's modern approach to FPC.

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