Friday, 4 April 2008

It was the lull!

I was hoping to have some good news and some new 'makings' to show today as I'd planned an afternoon of playing with my mate Cally. Unfortunately I haven't - on either count.

I had to rush Mum to hospital this morning. She hasn't been out a week yet from her breathing problem/pneumonia last week and now she's had an aortic aneurysm bleed (we didn't even know she had an aneurysm) and, because of all her other health problems, they are not putting her through the huge operation that would be needed to correct the situation. She just wouldn't come through it. Instead it's down to palliative care and she's now on heavy duty pain relief (hallucinating nicely) and we have to sit and wait for the inevitable. On top of that Ollie had the cancer diagnosis confirmed yesterday and he's also waiting. Poor Dad is having trouble understanding and coming to terms with it all and only time will tell how all this will affect him. It's bad enough facing the loss of the family 'baby' but to learn that he is also losing his wife of nearly 60 years could be just that one step too far. I saw him cry today for the very first time in my 57 years - so sad!

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