Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's not over yet.......

............. but it's near. She is still on the infusion pump of morphine and sedative - and will remain so - and is not giving any indication that she is aware of anyone around. She's not taking any food or fluid on board and the saline drip has been taken away. We're not spending quite as much time at the hospital, although there is somebody with her most of the time from mid-morning to late evening. I've spent the morning there today but had the afternoon with Dad & Ollie and I'm having the evening off. I feel so tired and totally drained and just wish it was over now. I'm having to stay positive for Dad. He's coping extremely well at the moment but he has the odd moment where a few tears slip through. Totally understandable considering the number of years they've been married and the experiences they've shared.

Ollie is still not showing the symptons he had last week and he's still taking his medication, although the 2nd lot of pills he's not so keen to take so it involves me rolling round the floor to get them into his mouth and then keep the mouth shut until gone!!


Jak said...

Hi Pam, I think you have already done your Mam proud, I have been following your posts and enjoying (if that is the right term to use at this time) learning about your Mam too, a very strong character she seemed and although this is a sad time in your lives I think you've managed to do everything that she would have wanted.

send my love to you all
Jak x

Sylv (budge) said...

Hi Pam, I have been reading your posts and think you have done your family proud over the last few weeks. It cant have been easy. But as you have said you have a very good backup team behind you. Sending you all some hugs.
Sylv xx