Thursday, 1 May 2008

Some Enchanted Evening ....

Off out to the theatre tonight with my mate Cally. We're going to see 'South Pacific'. Looking forward to going but with a bit of mixed emotion. This trip was booked some time before Christmas and it was supposed to be me and Mum going. We used to go to the theatre every so often and always to see a musical - usually an 'oldie', as in this case. In fact, I don't think we ever saw a modern one (not really to Mum's taste) but we did see Joseph, Strictly Come Dancing (or at least, based on) Russian Ice Stars, Torville & Dean's Farewell (?) tour and Spirit of the Dance. Mum decided a couple of months ago that she wouldn't be up to going to this show because of a diabetic ulcer on her heel (walking had become difficult). We always had a 2-seater box at the top of a long flight of stairs so I had intended seeing if I could get the tickets exchanged for a wheelchair place in the stalls instead. If you've read enough of my blog you know that circumstances have overtaken and the need to try to get the exchange is no longer there. I asked Cally to come with me instead so - here's to you Mum ..... we will enjoy and we'll have an ice cream on you - lol!!

Update: Well, we went and thoroughly enjoyed it! The leading lady was the runner-up from BBC1's 'How do we solve a problem like Maria'. I didn't know, as I never watched it but read it on the internet this morning .......... and we had our ice cream - lol!

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