Friday, 2 May 2008

Oh dear!

I thought I'd finished with packing Mum's clothes to go to the Dog's Trust. I took another car load over on Monday. This time it was 60/70 sweaters and cardigans, a dozen pairs of pj's, ½ a dozen nightie's (she never wore nightie's so have no idea on this one!), unused underwear - of all types including sexy, lacy panties (??), vests (again, not something I ever saw her wear) and ............. knee length long john type things, and more.

Today I find 3 drawers, in a different room, full of more ...... sweaters and tops!! Eeek! I haven't counted them but I reckon there must be another 30 or more to go - unless Mum knows different - lol!! This time they are summer weight, short sleeved variety's. Some are really pretty as well and I wouldn't be averse to wearing them. Unfortunately they're about 2-3 sizes too small for me - :o((! I also found a storage box full of slippers.

Dad and I have decided that there was a side to Mum that neither of us knew about. I have certainly been surprised with, and by, what I've unearthed. I could have opened a sweet shop with the amount of chewing gum I've found. Packets that have been started, packets unopened. Nobody, but nobody, can recall Mum ever chewing gum, however I can guess why she had it! There were about a dozen tubes of toothpaste, all started but found in different boxes (Mum had a thing for putting stuff into boxes!). There was whitener, extra whitener and smokers (see the chewing gum - lol!)

The piéce-de-résistance, to date, though, must be the tights! I couldn't even guess at the number I've found. There are at least a dozen unopened boxes and a good 200 or more that have been worn but still wearable - again, found in different locations.

If only I'd known what I was going to find when I started this sorting and clearing I would have kept a list. I know that there is plenty more to come as Dad wants everything gone through and cleared - not just the clothes - and in passing I know there's at least 3 boxes of net curtains, without those that are on hangers but there are also things that are soooooo interesting coming to light, but they are for a different day and story!
ps. If anyone knows where I can get emoticons/smilies, preferably free, to use in a blog - please tell!!

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