Tuesday, 28 October 2008

New part ...

... still hasn't arrived so techie has now ordered from another supplier. Just as well I wasn't holding my breath waiting for lappy to return home! More photo's taken and sitting on camera. Just wish I could download them, edit and post 'em :0( I had a day at the Glitterpot on Friday attempting Rubberstamp Tapestry and I'm really pleased with the results. Just some of what I want to show - not asking much really - lol!

It's 'sod's law' isn't it that, just when the hot air balloon flying season is over, the weather improves and for the last 2 days I reckon they'd have flown - if they hadn't finished! Weather for last couple of days, although cold, is bright, sunny and very little wind - just beautiful autumn days. We've also got our sea view back as the leaves have dropped from the trees and the sun is glinting off of the ocean - well, English Channel - lol! Once again, photo's taken but not sure how well they show the sea until I get them up on the lappy.

Birds have found the feeding station, woohoooo! - well, pigeons and starlings have at least. Tried taking photo's of them as well but again, haven't a clue how well they've come out.

Thinking of Jak and her family a lot at the moment as her Dad is very seriously ill. There's nothing I can do and not much that can be said but I know where she's at right now.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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