Friday, 17 October 2008

Looking ...

... at our wedding photo yesterday I couldn't help but think on all the changes that have happened over the past 23 years. The lads are now married with families of their own. The eldest gave us our 2 oldest grandchildren and the youngest is now proud daddy to 2 daughters and little Zac. Mum, who was a year younger than I am now, is no longer with us and poor Dad is a shadow of what he was then (it was their 37th wedding anniversary on that day). I'm considerably larger in size and definitely showing my age (where did that young, reasonably attractive, woman go???) and hubby is also considerably larger but now confined to a wheelchair. Just a month later he had his first spinal op and it was all downhill from there on in for him!!

Sally (mentioned yesterday) had a lovely souvenir to show us. In her capacity as chief classifier she had to be at the Paralympics in Beijing, to classify shooters to ensure they met the requirements before they could compete. As a member of staff she was given a medallion in commemoration of the event and she bought it to show us. Those Chinese certainly know how to make a show of things and the medallion and the way it was presented, was beautiful.

Ooooooooooohhh!! A surprise! Balloon company phoned me and invited me onto a flight tomorrow. Don't have a weekend ticket but flying season is near its end and they want to get as many flown as possible, rather than carry any over to next year. Weather forecast for tomorrow is good so looks like a goer but - I did warn them that I seem to be a jinx so they shouldn't hold their breath - LOLOL!!

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