Thursday, 15 January 2009

Stamping Up

An evening with Joanne! We made a box (which I haven't photographed) and this card. Stamps used were from the Stamping Up, Pick a Petal set. I think the paper used was from the Tea and Crumpet design paper set and the base and backing card from the Earth tones. The ticket corner punch is not available in the UK but ticket corners are still possible without - just use a circle punch (in this instance a ½" - 13mm - circle punch), turn it upside down and position the card so that the corner is in the centre of the circle and takes up ¼ of the circle shape. Voilá ... a ticket corner!

I have to say that there are several stamps that I really like in a lot of the SU stamp sets but .... I usually only like one or 2 of the stamps in each set. I won't buy a set to just get the couple that I like and I wish SU would make it possible to buy the stamps singly and then I'd certainly buy more - lol!! The other thing I would like to see is an option to purchase them unmounted, which wouldn't be difficult to do, bearing in mind that you have to mount them yourself anyway. I've already made the non-diecut ones of the few sets I have bought unmounted so, I've now got wooden blocks which are surplus to requirements ...... hmmmmmmmmm, guess I could try making them into blending tools alá Tim Holtz but without handles - lol!



Selkie said...

This is great! I love these kind of flowers..simple yet very effective!
I agree about the stamps. There are always so many you don't actually want but you gotta buy the whole pack.

Toni said...

wonderful card Pam I love the Su stuff but like you only want some of the stamps not all inthe sets
doesnt stop me buying them though OOppps LOL


Joanne said...

I like your curled petals better than my flat ones!

It was great to see you - thanks for coming!