Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lovely couple ...

... of days!

I used some of my 'beauty' treatment Christmas present vouchers on Tuesday (used some of the Glitterpot ones on Saturday). I'd booked a hot crystal massage but poor therapist had pulled her back muscles so couldn't do it. Not being too bothered I swapped it for a facial which incorporated a neck and shoulder massage anyway. 'Twere luvverly!! Couldn't take the steaming as it made me feel claustrophobic and, consequently, made me panicky which set my breathing probs off. Still, had to try it ...... and I've booked another facial and the hot crystal massage for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to that now!

Yesterday evening I went to Joanne's for a couple of hours. Felt a bit like an interloper - definitely a gate-crasher - as it was an evening for her Stampers 10 groups, which I'm not a member of ...ooops! I got a late invitation to join them (like the day before) but I didn't need asking twice and, having nothing else arranged for the evening I went along. Bonus here was that one of my friends, Debs from the imag-e-nation forum, was there as well which is why I was asked along in the first place - LOL!! She'd driven a good few miles and was staying overnight in an hotel before making her way off elsewhere this morning. Anyway, we had a lovely couple of hours and made a card and a box. I love spending time with other crafty people as it's amazing how many tips you can pick up and some are so simple - like using a circle punch to make ticket corners!

To top it all off I finally managed to get my SA Tax Return done online and - Mr Taxman will be paying me back lots of overpaid tax!!

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